PHOENIX - Despite John Morrison & R-Truth getting the best of Big Show & The Miz in recent weeks, at WrestleMania XXVI, they weren’t able to keep that momentum as Show-Miz picked up a huge win to retain the Unified Tag Team Championships. (PHOTOS)

Interestingly enough, it was just one year ago, in a pre-show match to unify the World and WWE Tag Team Titles, Morrison & The Miz were fighting together. Now, they both have come full-circle and are again battling on The Grandest Stage of Them All for the Unified Tag Team Titles – except this time, they are bitter rivals on opposing teams.

Show-Miz was formed only a few months ago with the assistance of Raw’s special guest host John Heder, and since defeating DX and The Straight Edge Society in a Triple Threat Match to become champions, they have seemed unstoppable.

When The Friday Night Delight & SmackDown’s rapping Superstar were teamed together several weeks ago, there were some doubts about their ability to work as a unit, but the critics were quickly silenced when the duo defeated Cryme Tyme and The Hart Dynasty to become No. 1 contenders.

Of course, always willing to give his two cents on any subject, The Miz expressed his disapproval for having to defend his titles against the seemingly makeshift team of his former partner & R-Truth, but the self-proclaimed “Awesome One” would soon be eating crow.

Morrison & R-Truth quickly let Show-Miz know “What’s up!” by decimating them in what was supposed to be a tag team match, and have continued to one-up Big Show & The Miz around every turn – including a huge one-on-one victory for Morrison over The Miz on Raw.

Unfortunately, a WWE Superstar’s career is filled with peaks and valleys, and as a team, the challengers found themselves in a valley at WrestleMania XXVI, and after Morrison was knocked out by a vicious punch from Big Show, they were left empty-handed as Show-Miz retained the championships.

Though Morrison & R-Truth will likely continue their quest to prove themselves as a team and win the Unified Tag Team Titles, at The Showcase of the Immortals, it was Big Show & The Miz left standing with all the glory.