Estonian vodka

When you take Nordic states drinking culture and Russian love for Vodka and mix them together, then you got Estonian drinking culture. Main part of this one is Estonian own Vodka, and they know how to make it. According to Estonia has 2 of the top 10 Vodkas in the world. One is Türi Vodka what is mainly imported to United States. Second one Stön is available in Estonian’s biggest stores. It’s distilled from wheat and gives you clean taste of freedom. Taste of how Estonians are fortified themselves against the chill of northern European winters nearly 900-years.

Estonia has a great range of Vodka options. You’ll find 0,5L Vodkas from 5 USD to 50 USD. Don’t be fooled, that it’s all about the bottle and the shape of it. It’s all about clean taste and everybody got they’re own favorite. You must find your own precious. Most Estonian own Vodkas cost 10 USD, what are also with best quality and affordable price. Popular ones are:

Viru Valge:

Viru Valge with different flavors:

Y2K and ÜX:

How to drink Estonian Vodka?

It must be cold (a couple hours in the freezer at least) and when your goal isn’t to get drunk quickly, then drink is with shots. Recommended with friends. Everybody must fill they’re shot, then stand up and hit they’re shots together and wish something (for example long live for the host). Then drink it up and take a bite from cucumber. And now you know how Estonians drink when it’s wedding, funeral, birthday or just usual drinking night with friends. Second option is to wash vodka down with juice. Not with beer or Coca-Cola as some recommend. With first one you just ruin taste of Vodka and get drunk quickly (this strategy takes down even heavy drinkers with few hours and morning will not be easy for your head), second one is not part of the mix, there’s better options like orange juice or my favorite lemon juice.

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