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Joining Animal Law Review:

There are several ways that Lewis & Clark Law School students can join the Animal Law.

Grading On: Each year Animal Law, Environmental Law, and Lewis & Clark Law Review invite students who finish their first year in the the top 10-15% of their class to join a law review.

Writing On: Each year a number of students are invited to join based on their performance in a writing competition. The link to the instructions for the writing competition is below.

Volunteer Source Checking: Animal Law offers a unique experience to first year students by allowing them to voluntarily help source-check articles. This is a great opportunity for first year students to gain legal research and citation experience. In addition, a certain number of source-checkers will be invited onto the staff the next year due to their outstanding performance as a volunteer source-checker.

For more information, please email us at animalaw@lclark.edu.

2008 Law Review Writing Competition Instructions.

Listen to our 2007 Open House Information Session.

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email animalaw@lclark.edu

The Animal Law Review is located in The Lewis & Clark Law School.

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Emily Elison

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Robb Shecter