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Me And My Banana Phone

Me And My Banana Phone


Why not go for a conversation piece during your cell-phone chats? At Cellfoam.com you'll find this foam-banana phone cover, guaranteed to make you look like either the court jester or a complete psycho whenever you use it in public. The covers are very believable, and rugged. You could fool a monkey with one of these!
Banana Phone

The basic phone cover is $9.99, but you can also order a customized holster—yes, a holster fit for a Smith & Wesson—to tote your fruity friend around in. The foam covers come in various form factors suitable for flip phones, bar phones, and iPods. You can check out the available options by clicking on the Gallery link at www.cellfoam.com. Get a hold of one, and set industrial design back by decades!

Cameras for kids
Disney Blue

Digital Blue will soon be shipping a very snazzy line of Disney-themed digital cameras and camcorders; they're cute, sturdy, and not too pricey. Get the full picture at Gearlog.com


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