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Eagles Open Preseason Home Vs. Jaguars
March 31, 2010 | Last Updated: 3/31/10 3:19 PM ET | Comments (4)

The NFL announced the 2010 preseason slate on Wednesday afternoon and the Eagles will host the Jacksonville Jaguars to open the exhibition season on a date between August 13-15.

The Eagles bested the Jaguars in last year's preseason, 33-32. What's different about this year is that the Eagles will travel to Jacksonville during the regular season.

On Aug. 20, the Eagles travel to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals at 8 PM (EST). The Eagles hosted the Bengals in the preseason back in 2005.

The third and most-anticipated preseason game – because of the extended playing time for the starters - will be held sometime between August 26-29 in Kansas City. It's another unusual preseason opponent. The last time the two squared off in the preseason? Try 1979.

Finally, the Eagles and the Jets will resume their annual end-of-the-preseason clash on Sept. 2 at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles have lost eight straight preseason games to the Jets. Last September, the Eagles closed out their exhibition schedule with a 38-27 loss to the Jets at The Meadowlands.

The exact date and time of the preseason games that did not list one here will be announced in the near future.

Of course, everyone wants to know when the regular season schedule is coming out. Brian McCarthy from the NFL's public relations office tweeted on Tuesday that the regular season schedule isn't done yet. However, the Minnesota Vikings' Web site noted on Tuesday that ESPN2 has an "NFL Schedule Release Special" slated for April 13. That date would be congruous to the schedule release in previous years.

UPDATE: The Eagles-Bengals game will be nationally televised on FOX. Click here to check out the league's full list of preseason games. 

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 3:00 p.m., March 31

Eagles Open Preseason Home Vs. Jaguars
8:31 pm ET
The only QB's that w/be affected by having 3 quality QB's in camp will be Kol-Brees & maybe VIck (although I think Mike might be able to ride it out). DMac has been dealin' w/this kind crap for over a decade. It has never bothered him. He's never said trade me or had a "Ryan Leaf" Melt down. Quite the contrary - he has gone out & won game after game. Hopefully Kol-Brees maintains a high level of professionalism (I think he's been pretty good thus far). If he rides the pine one more year - maybe he can take a page out of Aaron Rogers book (or T. Romo). Kevin may be better off & better developed come 2011. And best of all - the Eagles get to put forth their best atheletes to win this year!
8:40 am ET
With all thats been going on this offesason I honestly had'nt given the preseason a lick of thought until now. So heres a scenario for everyone to ponder. Just say the Eagles end up going into the preseason with all their QB's currently on the roster. Which the more I read from various reports seems more and more possible. Can all of you imagine how much of a distraction that will be? Reguardless of who you prefer, It has become crystal clear that this fanbase is of two sides of the coin. Some want Mcnabb to stay until he's ready to collect social security. Some want the new guy to get his shot. I am hearing commentators calling this seasons games in my head and all I can hear is McNabb's future this and Is Kolb ready that. This trade talk is rapidly becomming far more than an offseason drama. If this continues into the reagular season, well I really don't think thats a good thing at all. Which is why I sincerly hope one way or another this situation is resolved before week one.
8:33 am ET
OMG, that schedule is brutal. We need to keep McNabb to let him go down in flames this season. This is not going to be an easy road. Can you say, 'rebuilding year?'
3:57 pm ET
WTF? What happened to playing the Steelers? damNIT, I wanted to go to that F.kin game.

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