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Full Length Stories

Not Alone - Post-Requiem, Scully searches for Mulder after his abduction, but can she get to him in time, and who can she trust?

Not Without You - Scully is forced to leave Mulder, but their last case together leads back in time to the Wild Wild West. Can she really leave him after seven years of partnership, friendship, and a new found love?

Chained To You - Sequel to Not Without You. Scully has been gone for a year and a half now, but Mulder's never given up. A case takes him out to Virginia Beach to a haunted hotel, but can he solve the case when he runs into a woman from his past? And what will happen once he has to return?

Dungeons and Demons - Mulder, Scully and three others are invited to stay in a castle for one night. Can they survive the demon that's inhabiting it? dustjacket

Whispers In Blindness - Skinner's niece is kidnapped and Mulder and Scully are assigned to find her. dustjacket

Illusions - Post-Arcadia. Mulder gets selective amnesia and believes himself to be Rob Petrie dustjacket

Way of the Cradle - Post-colonization. Mulder and Scully fight for the child that was taken away from them dustjacket

Scandal (WIP - Prologue plus chap 1-3 posted) - A serial killer from Mulder’s past is on the loose and brings the agents up to Canada’s capital City, Ottawa, for further investigation. dustjacket

Vignettes and Shorter Stories

A Forever Moment - Aftermath of *the kiss* dustjacket

To Hurt and to Heal - Scully’s reaction to Mulder hiding the news of her missing ova dustjacket

Temptress - Escape dustjacket

The Lady of Shalott - Scully runs from Mulder dustjacket

The Mystic's Dream - A War is waging inside of Mulder

Song of the Night - A dance dustjacket

Dreaming Reality - Mulder runs

Tell Me Baby - Post Three Words: Scully needs to get away

Remember Me - She felt broken, like she was torn apart in a thousand pieces, seven hundred of them being her heart, the rest being her soul dustjacket

Shadows - Nine seasons...nine vignettes, reflections of one's past, present and future. The destruction of Scully at Mulder's hands dustjacket
It Begins Darkness Discovery Reflections Broken Destinies Freedom Breakaway It Ends-The Final Truth

Just Him, Her and the Countryside - After finishing a case, Mulder and Scully decide to take the train home and spend an evening of getting to know eachother better dustjacket

Nas Horas Do Dia - He watches dustjacket

Cascade - Water was no longer crashing against the rocks, instead it was him, moving with a fervor, matching the waves as he moved within her dustjacket

Disquiet on the Western Front -A lazy day in the sun dustjacket

One Night - For one night only

While She Sleeps - Post-The Truth. Reflections of a sleepless man

Lament of the Faithless - Mulder makes a decision on his future with Scully

Purple Cow - It’s calling for Mulder and driving Scully crazy dustjacket

Introspection In A Bottle - Scully finds her answers at the bottom of a bottle

Verzeihlich - Deep down he knows she’ll never forgive him. He knows that she would willingly give her life to prevent him from doing what he is about to do. But it comes down to a matter of who is more important

Works of Erotica

Satisfaction Guaranteed - Mulder and Scully ‘discuss’ orgasm intensity

Heat - She had the power tonight dustjacket

Tonight's Different - MSR, K voyeurism - Any other night I would have walked away from such a display from the two of them, however like I said, tonight is different. Tonight I have to watch dustjacket

I Had to Go Back - MSR, K voyereurism. Sequel to Tonight's Different. I’ve become addicted to these nightly visits, finding more pleasure in
watching them than in killing them dustjacket

Tomorrow - MSR, K voyeurism - Final story to Tonight's Different and I Had to Go Back. Tomorrow can have so many meanings, and I've just spent the entire night trying to figure each one out


If You Believe (w/Lizzi) - Mulder plans a trip to Aspen for Scully and her family for her birthday dustjacket

We Believe (w/Lizzi) - Continuation of If You Believe, Scully’s pregnant and Mulder’s the father dustjacket

Mulderlocations 01 (w/abracadabra) - Mulder and Scully go the Carnival dustjacket

Mulderlocations 02 (w/abracadabra) - Second in the Series. Mulder and Scully Lodge sit dustjacket


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