Welcome to Navy SEAL Directory

In view of our commitment to support US Navy SEALs, we are here to provide the public with a list of businesses and websites operated by this maritime operations group. Our list also includes businesses founded not only by present US Navy SEALs but of ex-SEALs as well. We are here to make sure that due recognition will be given to legitimate US Navy SEALs. In addition to that we also have various non-profit organizations supporting US Navy SEALs.

How Does This Work?

We will not just browse a so-called US Navy SEAL operated website then add it up in our list. We will make sure that:

1. The US Navy SEALs themselves will submit information about their businesses before we place it in our business directory.
2. Any SEAL who wants to be included in the list should list down their corresponding class number and any other details that will help us verify their real identities.

Of course, we also encourage the public to take part in our endeavor of distinguishing a fake Navy SEAL from a legitimate one. You may send us any information that may invalidate the businesses operated by a Navy SEAL. We will check the information you have given then remove the said business page once we discover that it is operated by a fake SEAL.

As a site committed for the endeavors of non-profit organizations for US Navy SEALs, we participate in any program conducted by these groups. In one way or the other, we will extend any help we can for future activities sponsored by these organizations.

These services are free for the use of US Navy SEALs. Simply fill out our form and follow the necessary steps to finish the registration process.

For anyone who wants to report a fake US Navy SEAL listed in our site, you may email or call us for any of your other queries as well.