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ARRIVAL OF THE HAIDEE at Port Natal on October 7 1850

Per "Haidee"
[Sailed from Hull on July 10 1850.]

William F and Alfred Allerston
Henry P and Richard B Ashton
John Atkinson
Robert and Ann Ballan and 6 children
William Beckwith
Alec D Bell
William Bell
George and Emma Bentley
George and Ann Bilbrough and 3 children
Dr Charles Bird Boast, David Boast, Henry Boast
Mary Boast (widow of Henry) and 3 children
William and Hannah Boast and child
Edwin Botterill
Thomas and Eliza Botterill and child
John Boyes
John and Jane Braithwaite and child
George Bramwell
James Brittain and child
Richard Brough
George B Brown
John and Christiana Brunyee and child
Thomas Buttery
William and Mary Carter and child
Thomas and Jane Cass and 3 children
William and Ann Chaplin and 3 children
Henry and Mary Chatterton and 2 children
John Clark, wife and 4 children
John and Hannah Clark
William Clark and wife
J and Sara Clarkson
Charles and Eliza Claybourne
Mrs Jane Comins and 2 children
Richard and Elizabeth Comins
Joseph Comins, Robert Comins, John Comins
Samuel Dordeaux (or Cordukes)
Brian and Elizabeth Coulson and 8 children
John and Hannah Daddy and 2 children
Thomas Dolphin
Henry and Francis Dunning
Joseph and Thomas Ellerker
Mark Foggitt
James Foreman
William Fox
Mark and Eliza Frankish and 1 child
David and Eliza Garbutt
Robert Garbutt
Thomas Goodwill and James Goodwill
William and Mary Granger
Jane Hardisty
William and Mary Harper and 10 children
Henry and Maria Hart
John Hayes
John and Tabitha Heslop and 4 children
George Hesslewood
John B and Mary Hill and child
John Hogarth
Thomas and Richard Horsley
Peter and M Humble and 4 children
J Hunt
Henry Johnson and 2 children
William Kemp
John and Mary Kirby and 6 children
Joseph and Ann Kirk and 1 child
Charles and Eliza Labron
Benjamin and Martha Lofthouse
John Lofthouse
Benjamin Lund
Benjamin Lund
Matthew Maltby
Richard and Susannah Mason
James Merryweather
John and Mary Moss
Ormonde Osborne
Matthew Parnaby
William and Eliza Parnaby and 2 children
George and Ann and Jane Plummer
Matthew Porrill
George and Marianne Potter
O Robson
James and Jane Smarfit
Joseph Smith
Robert and Susannah Smith and 8 children
William and Isabella Smith and 7 children
George Stevenson (or Stephenson)
William and Christopher Stockill
Robert Surtees
Edwin H Tarn
James and Eliza Taylor
William Tindall
John and Esther Walker and 2 children
Sarah Ward
Francis and Christiana Warwick
Thomas Warwick
Robert and Mary Welburn
John Westell
Robert Whittaker and 2 children
William and James Wiles
William and Alice Wilkinson
John and William Wilson
Matthew Whitridge
John and Grace Wright and 3 children
Robert and Eliza Wright