Playing with fire is dangerous, everywhere. Don't get hurt or burn your house down. Don't start forest fires.
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This no-frames, no frills website is dedicated to those brave experimenters spending time in building their own backpacking stoves or modifying commercial made ones. When I did my searches on this topic it turned out to be a very difficult task to find out about models quoted in discussions groups and web boards. URLs are not always mentioned, links show tendencies to expire and change. So here is to you The Archives.
The policy here is kept simple: when interesting material is found on the net, a written request is sent by e-mail to the experimenter, asking the permission to re-publish her/his work on this website. The original material is kept as-is, the only modification will be applied to frames (no framing allowed here!)  if this can be done without significant changes to the original pages.  The author's website URL  will be included as a link to the main page.  An editor's note could be added and kept separated by the author's work.  Anyone willing to submit her/his works, tips, findings, schemes, pictures, drawings, links, hints and kinks is warmly welcome:


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