The Mayor of London's Skyride

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We hope you had as much fun as we did at The Mayor of London's Skyride. Below, we have a full report from the event. If you took part in the event, why not download images of yourself? - Images will be available from 9am on Monday.

Also available -  a video of the event on Youtube and at Flickr you can share your images of a great day out in London.

The Mayor of London's Skyride Reports

Sunday 20th September 2009 - Reports: Eddie Allen & Belinda Sinclair

Photo Gallery: Skyride London People Pt 1 | Pt 2  

Rider's Eye Report

Mayor of London's Skyride Map

Skyride rocked London today, giving thousands of cyclists an unforgettable opportunity to ride some of the world's most famous streets, traffic free, and show their communal love for the bicycle.

The 15km route started on the Mall and took in Trafalgar Sqaure, Victoria Embankment, St Paul's Cathedral, the City and the Tower of London. The roads were closed from 10am to 4pm. The sun shone and cyclists arrived in their droves from all over the capital and beyond to savour the unique experience.

So what is it like to ride the streets of the London with thousands of other riders? In a word, awesome... The memory of riding Victoria Embankment surrounded by riders from all four points of cycling's compass is one that I'll never forget. At one point, on Northumberland Avenue, I witnessed cycling gridlock. But unlike it's motoring equivalent, it was a happy, sociable gridlock. One rider next to me commented: "It's wonderful. It's surreal, it's like riding in a dream."

I rode the course all day, taking photos and chatting with fellow riders. At one point climbed to the top of Blackfriars bridge and was bowled over by the sea of cyclists flowing into Blackfriars Tunnels, which had been turned into a sonic experience courtesy of Skyride's ‘Go Loud' drummers.

It was the same on the Mall, which was wall-to-wall cyclists, flowing up and down the regal avenue, passing Buckingham Palace and the Victoria monument. St James' Park and Green Park had been turned into a cyclist's festival, with food, entertainment, BMX and trials displays, chances to meet GB stars Chris Hoy, Jamie Staff, Ross Edgar and Shanaze Reade.

Trafalgar Square was locked down by cyclists, with an endless stream of florescent Skyride bibs flowing past Nelson's Column. Tourists looked on, enthralled, or bemused, or normally a combination of the two. The usual cacophony of cars, buses and taxis was replaced with the ringing or bells and the hooting of horns. The usual miserable looks of city commuters replaced by smiling cyclists.

There were many, many reasons to love Skyride London. But perhaps the best was the way it brought the many cycling tribes together. There were Mums and Dads with their children in trailers. There were London's cooler-than-cool fixie community, weaving amid the two-wheeled crowds on their custom fixed wheel bikes. There were hard core roadies in full club kit mixing it with mountain bikers. There were couples elegantly gliding through the cycle-traffic on classic Dutch roadsters. There were guys on cargo bikes with huge PA systems, blasting out tunes. There were clowns on Tall bikes, men in top hats on Penny Farthings, there was even a gorilla on a bike (don't worry, he was wearing a helmet).

As a vehicle for showing the world the potential cycling has in terms of health, travel, fun, fitness and social cohesion, Skyride is a tough act to beat. Skyride London has once again given Londoners an eye to a utopian future - a rare glimpse of what their city could be like if more of us chose to use two wheels.

As one rider said to me on the Mall - "I wish it was like this all the time". Amen to that...

Your Stories

An insight into the people who make Skyride so special - you... Belinda Sinclair gets behind the sea of cyclist's faces at the Mayor of London's Skyride. Read more...

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7 months ago
Having marshalled the previous 2 Freewheel events , this year i decided to bring along my 10yr old daughter and 6 yr old son. Neither have ridden anything like this before and were both amazed at the number of cyclists. My son was so excited he didn't stop talking al the way round making comments like "cyling is the best thing ever" "Skyride is the greatest bike ride" and my personal favourite "this is the best day i have evr had before i am 7" Thanks London and everyone who took part for making my kids first proper bike ride such an enjoyable experience.  

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7 months ago
Everyday i hope i dont get hit by a bus,car or a taxi because most of them dont take much notice of us, and then there was the skyride it was so much fun from the first minute no fears only fun and that feeling i want to have everyday and for the first time i saw kids cycling in the citycentre it should be normal thanks for a great event :) the cycling dutchman. 

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7 months ago
Had a great time in London yesterday - cycling with family and friends. It was a brilliant day out to celebrate my daughter's birthday ( her choice). Good natured and friendly cyclists of all abilities, ages, shapes, sizes, ethnic groups etc. Thank you to the organisers, entertainers, participants and the marshalls.

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7 months ago
yesterday was my 45th birthday and i spent the day cycling the skyride. it was a lovely day, i felt i was surrounded by a wide range of ages and they were all having fun. i want to say a big thankyou to all of those who were involved in organising the day and making it such a success. please can we have more events like this!  many thanks also from my family who shared the experience with me.

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6 months ago
I've come in from Hertfordshire for every one of the events. I ride a mountain bike normally but off-road tyres will never keep me away from a Freewheel/Skyride. To be part of this amazing day is so much fun and the atmosphere is simply unique.  Piano man is a crazy dude - love it. See you all next year for the 4th one. PS My bib collection is coming along nicely! :-) Happy Pedallin'

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6 months ago
This is our 1st time riding the London Skyride, but we have done the Hounslow a month ago. Many thanks to the Mayor(s) and organisers for these most superb events.Though we had missed last 2 years events, we would continue to do all London's Skyride for years to come. I have seen everyone smiling, laughing, joking, happy, and even when I was involved in a slight accident, we joke about it and shook hands. Riding back home from Ealing Bdwy Tube to Northolt became easy and most traffic gave way to us. Thanks to all of them. The best experience of my life. Please, we want more !

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