Appcelerator Simplifies iPad App Development


Today Appcelerator launches Titanium Tablet, a platform designed to help developers create apps for the iPad. Titanium is a free, Apache 2 licensed, cross-platform toolkit that lets web developers use JavaScript, CSS, HTML and scripting languages like Ruby or Python to build native apps for the iPhone, Android and now the iPad.

Building on the Titanium Mobile product, Titanium Tablet lets developers access all of the iPad’s native features — including user interface elements — without requiring knowledge of Objective-C or Cocoa.

Check out this video for Titanium Mobile. Although it describes Appcelerator’s mobile app development platform, it underlines many of the same elements of the Titanium Tablet product:

The concept of melding JavaScript/CSS3/HTML5 with native application elements and API calls to create native apps is pretty cool. Although a number of different solutions for cross-platform app development for the iPhone exist, like Mono Touch, Titanium is unique in its support for the native UI elements, which — let’s face it — are often what make an iPhone app look and feel like an iPhone app.

I’m interested in giving Titanium Tablet a try to see if I can speed up my development time (my Objective-C is a little rusty).

What do you think about tools for making iPhone, iPad or AndroidAndroidAndroid development less language-reliant? Let us know.

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  • marcgg
    I'm working with Titanium for iPhone and it's making my life so much easier, I'm sure the iPad version is just as good.
  • bstrackany
    We've been working with Titanium since early beta and it's been great for app development. It definitely has helped us turn around app projects for clients faster and for less. It's not a panacea though.
  • ConnorJack
    Just to check: Does this mean I can develop Apps in HTML on my PC?
  • You'll need a Mac to get the iPad simulator working right and to submit to the app store. We let you code using whatever IDE you'd like in Javascript, but you will need the iPhone OS SDK for testing and packaging.
  • And where do you get the "Phone OS SDK for testing and packaging."?. I hadn't looked much into creating apps because I didn't want to learn another language.. but If I can use html, javascript etc... I will look into this.

    I suppose this works for iphone apps as well?
  • Yes. It works for iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Same codebase.
  • Note: we're shipping iPad later tonight. In final QA as we speak...

    To get started building iPad, iPhone, or Android apps using your web skills (we support PC, Mac, and Linux too), you do the following:

    - Download Appcelerator Titanium from (FREE)
    - Download Apple's 3.2 SDK from
    - Download Android's SDK if you want to build Android apps

    I'd recommend watching the following videos that explain all of this:

    After you get Titanium, Apple/Android SDKs setup, you can open up our "Kitchen Sink" application, which contains sample code for over 200 APIs: from the iPad's mapkit API to native support for iPad-specific UI elements like popovers and split views.

    Hope that helps & let us know how it goes.

  • ConnorJack
    :( I'll get my Mac one day
  • bradjohansen
    No, you still need a Mac to develop for the iPhone. Sucks, I know.
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