The original ‘Power Rangers’ return in 2010

By Albert Valentin | Published October 9, 2009

After months of speculation, Disney and Bandai made an official announcement that the hit 1993 series MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS will make its official return to television in January 2010.

MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS was the Americanized version of the 1992 Super Sentai Series KYORYU SENTAI ZYURANGER. The story of MMPR revolved around five teens from the fictional city of Angel Grove who gain the powers to become the Power Rangers in their quest against the evil Rita Repulsa.

The original series starred Austin St. John, the late Thuy Trang, David Yost, Walter Jones, and Amy Jo Johnson as the original Power Rangers, with upcoming mixed martial arts fighter Jason David Frank joining the cast mid-way through the first season as Tommy, the Green/White Ranger.

The original MMPR series, owned by Saban Entertainment, lasted from 1993 to 1996 on Fox Kids, followed by more Power Rangers series, which were in turned the Americanized versions of the previous year’s Super Sentai Series. Disney acquired the Power Rangers from Saban Entertainment in 2001 and began airing more Power Rangers series on the former Toon Disney/Jetix (now Disney XD).

The current Power Rangers series, POWER RANGERS RPM, looks to end its series run in either late December or early January on ABC Kids and will officially mark the end of the Power Rangers universe to begin the return of the series that started it all.

The return of the MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS is being reshown to a new generation of fans who may have missed out on seeing the original series. This will give fans of the more recent series a look at the series that started it all as well as bring back a sense of nostalgia for fans who saw the original series back nearly seventeen years ago.

Meanwhile, Bandai, the toy company who have made all of the Power Rangers action figures, announced that they will unveil fifteen new action figures revolving around the original Power Rangers.

Furthermore, Bandai has begun a contest in which a Power Rangers “cliffhanger video” can be viewed online with customers getting a chance to make either a mini-movie or storyboard of how to end the cliffhanger. Details on the Power Rangers contest can be found on Bandai’s Official Blog.

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  • Isaac
    What if you made a movie where most of the old rangers,Zordon & Dark Spector Return due to really old Dark & Light Magic Because an old Prophet from 15,000 years ago said they would.
  • tommy
    dude im stoked!!! now i dont have to sit at my computer and watch then on youtube!
  • Justin Shanahan
    2 things:

    1. MMPR coming back on televison is great.
    2. Stopping the series is bad. Disney should continue the power ranger series. If it wasnt for the first. The other series wouldn't have been Americanized in the first place. When the original Japanese Power Rangers finish, that's when the American version should finish. I don't understand why Disney is not continuing the series. They can continue and still show the original Power Rangers. It's really sad that their ending it just like that. As long as the Japanese version is continuing, the American version would be like if they ended the series with a very bad cliffhanger because RPM's ending. It's extremely sad. It wouldn't make since to end at RPM.
  • Morpheus
    Now I know this is the inner fanboy in me talking but i really don't think they'll really end the series. This is a billion dollar franchise that's gone 18 years strong.
    Clearly it still has the fanbase that made it what it was and it would be stupid for them to let it die out. I think them re-airing the original series(again) is to buy them time.they essentially lost their production HQ where they've been shooting the show since 2002.Until they either make nice with new zealand or find other place to shoot the show they don't have much they can do but i believe at the first chance they get they'll bring it back....
    "Power Rangers Forever"
  • jj
    im glad mighty morphin power rangers is coming back but i'd like to know is if the story line will be the same becasue the one in 1992's ending went tozeo or are u just going to make it where it just stops at them???? but yea im glad there coming back so young kids can see who were the best and thats the MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS!
  • tylercunningham
    Hi my name is Tyler Cunningham I was all ways such a big fan of the might morghan power Rangers and I think it is great that they are comeing back I never thought I would be saying that but I can not belev it. also I think this might be funny but I alwas wanted to be a power ranger akting with the famas green and white ranger I have seen them all.
  • did u even go to school? lol that grammar is very bad, the power rangers would be ashamed
  • iamsogay
    show me a fucking trailer already you bastards. fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckFUCKCOCK BALLS SHIT BITCH CUNT
  • oct1213
    would be nice if they cleaned the video quality up a little, looks like crap compared to the newer ones..
  • nathan2k10
    so is it just reruns or a new series of MMPR
  • fanofsaturdaymorningcartoons
    The title says original power rangers return but it sounds more like they're just going to be reruns of the original. Since MMPRS the special effects and acting has gotten a lot better not to mention the badly done english dubbing that plagued the original. Since it was already kind of lame and cheesy then put up against it's predecessors it may not stand up. Oh and the two idiots, I had to tape it so I could fast forward passed them, count to think of it I fast forwarded through most of it really only watched the action scenes and scenes with Johnson and the late Trang, what a tragedy that was, what is it with california roads.
  • Hiroguy
    the only reason why they wouldnt adapt shinkenger because its too hard to remake.
  • Yes, my niece is in for a world of awesome!
  • com on can bring power rangers in space and power rangers terbo and power rangers time force toy line back in 2010
  • amberjones
    I am so excited.....I cant wait. The "new generation" power rangers just isnt the same. Theres no pizazz!! GO GO POWER RANGERS!!! ITS MORPHING TIME!!
  • i what the power rangers vary sesaon back on agen including mmpr flowing by other power rangers ep 3 4 5 6 7
  • Name
    Virgins of the world unite!
  • aql
    this isnt a joke right OMG i freaken like the OG MMPR gogo power rangers.
  • PowerRangerCostumesForKids
    I can't wait!
  • brandon smith
    how i am so happy abut it
  • ninjajack
    So, do you guys know what time it is?
  • Name
    right! ITS MORPHIN TIME!!
  • pokez
    its TOOL TIME! LOL
  • Lionclaw77
    ITS MORPHING TIME!!!!!!!!!!
  • sowutifmahsnsux
    actually the most exciting part i think are new mmpr toys. hopefully theyre awesome. cant wait to get my hands on those
  • scottleejason
    Yeah, the new Power Rangers Toys are awesome. I think you can find them at
  • sowutifmahsnsux
    oh a rebroadcast eh? cool i guess, it definitely was the best series.
  • As a fan, I'm not thrilled. But maybe, if this project does well, it will give way for some fresh material later down the line.
  • tikkiexx
    sweet avatar. isnt that the guy from Kamen Rider W? i think a lot of old Ranger fans have moved on to Kamen Rider. i know i have. its an awesome series.
  • One of the kids I counsel at summer camp looks like a carbon copy of the Pink ranger Kimberly. Just looking at her made me feel nostalgic, if I could I'd dress her up in pink every day I would...but I didn't want to scare her with my own childhood memories.
  • tikkiexx
    didnt know Thuy Trang died. i honestly wonder how kids will react to the original Rangers. they were pretty damn cheesy and corny even to a kid. only reason me and my buddies watched was because the Pink and Yellow Rangers were hot. lol. and i guess the Red Ranger was pretty bad ass. Bulk and Skull pretty much killed it for me. haha
  • For some reason, I couldn't reply to your other post, but yes it's Kamen Rider W. Good series so far.
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