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Halo: Reach Developer Commentary

For the last month, we've given you the details on the team at Bungie, their thoughts on ODST, the new team at 343 Industries, and details on Halo's fiction and composer. By now you've got the skinny on the Halo universe and franchise, so it's time for creative director Marcus Lehto to go into detail about Reach's gameplay, characters, and weaponry. Take a look at the video below to hear what he has to say over never-before-seen artwork from the game.

For the rest of our month-long Halo: Reach coverage, head over to our hub page.

  • can't wait for this

  • campaign is boring... BORING.  no one cares what master chief or whoever is doing, it's all about online and always have.

  • Second! This game is going to be amazing. It seems to be incorporating some of the aspects of COD, which I am extremely excited about. Armor abilities will probably serve a similar roll in multiplayer as perks do in COD. Also, as I read in the GameInformer article, being able to use civilian vehicles seems to resemble GTA, in an awesome way. I'm dying for the beta, so whenever you people at GameInformer figure out its release date, let us know!

  • I guess I was third, ooops. Anyway, the DMR also looks awesome, and I hope they add a bunch more weapons.

  • This looks to be a masterpiece of gamemaking.  I'm thoroughly jazzed up for this title.

  • Looks great. I lost interest in the Halo multiplayer a while ago, but I've always been a fan of the story.

  • i think bungie is great. but with prequels, there's nothing new. same enemies, same allies, and you know how it ends.

  • @ jason

        i agree. the story was good in the trilogy but bungie needs a different story. They tried to have one with ODST but it just turned into a sort of laughing stock because rookie just was always a step behind. Hopefully bungie will really pull out all the stops for the campaign because for multiplayer i have MW2 so its mostly the campaign that will get me to buy it.

  • This will be really good, and hopefully will explain more of the Spartans and how Earth's forces met the Covenant forces, and why they started a war.

  • hey kittenkilla, campaign is the best part. The story is what makes the game so great, its how it got to be so famous. Do you think if they ever make a movie its going to be a bunch of master chiefs with gamertags on their heads running aroun teabagging each other? NO! Granted halo 3 felt a little watered down, but the story is what the true fans love. The multiplayer is a close second.

  • @ Stetson Jace Whidden

    Read Contact Harvest if you want an explanation on how the war started.  This game will take place more towards the end of the war.

    Love the new art and shots of the game, even if the details were just a recap of everything that has already been revealed.  Hopefully we get more details sooner rather than later.

  • Reach is going to have a campaign that will put a new definition to a Halo campaign, Any one read Ghost of Onyx?

  • Btw, the scavengers are beast. I thought theyd be puny like the jackals but they look like they might rival the elite. Crazy.

  • I think I'm looking forward to this game more than any Halo title before.

  • The DMR looks beastly.

  • i'm waiting,and waiting for the release on the beta,when is it,when will it be?!please someone tell us!

  • Amazing.  This has the makings of something spectacular and I can't wait to be apart of it.

  • I have very high expectations for this game. Hope Bungie knocks it out of the park.

  • @kittenkilla

    If thats true then how did halo get famous? Live wasn't around for halo ce

  • that things hair was crazy-awesome, and was that the scavenger or just a supper jackal

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