Official Vancouver 2010 Maps

Official Vancouver 2010 Map

Official Whistler 2010 Map


2010 Winter Games Transportation Information for Spectators
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Vancouver 2010 Transportation Table

5 Things to Remember About Transportation

  1. There is NO spectator parking at any Olympic venue.

  2. Public transportation is accessible to all and is the quickest, most reliable way to go.
    Access to public transit is included in your Olympic ticket for the day of the event

  3. Know before you go.
    Give yourself plenty of time to reach your venue. Visit for up-to-date Games travel information.

  4. Cypress Mountain and Whistler venues can be reached on the Olympic bus network if you’re coming from Metro Vancouver.
    The purchase of a transportation ticket is required. Tickets will be available beginning December 4, 2009. Visit

Walk, bike and use public transportation whenever possible. Using these modes will ensure you get to your destination while contributing to a greener, more sustainable Games.