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L'impératif - Campagne publicitaire pour suivre les Jeux olympiques

This was a lesson on the imperative that was taught as part of our unit on sports >>>

Croire en ses rêves

Each student wrote encouraging words and poems on flags to the Canadian athletes >>>

Camp Prospect Olympic Games

We will be taking an "imaginary” trip to Canada for the Olympic Winter Games on February 27th with approximately 35 young children >>>

Olympic Games and Awareness

The students creating these projects are marketing students >>>

Celebrating the Olympic Games at Holy Cross

Our school of 260 students is having Olympic Week and doing all sorts of projects during that time, such as writing poems on the Games, creating art and different flags of all countries >>>

Olympic Spirit... from East to West

This Saturday, a group of homeschooling families in New Brunswick will come together to participate in six winter activities to celebrate the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games >>>

Olympic Games at HT Thrift Elementary

We are doing a variety of school-wide activities related to the torch relay and the Olympic Games (see attached outline) >>>

Paralympic Games at St. Francis Xavier

The grade 5/6 class at St. Francis Xavier School in Brockville embarked on a week of Paralympic Games for November 2-6 >>>

Beaubois à Vancouver en vélo stationnaire

Each day, we cumulate the mileage covered and we move the Olympic Flame on the map of Canada >>>

2010 Sport and Athlete Research

Grade five students chose and researched one of the Olympic or Paralympic winter sports and a Canadian athlete competing in that sport during the Games >>>

Olympic Fever

My special education class researched Olympic events, created PowerPoint presentations and recorded our presentations using Adobe Connect >>>

2010 Greensborough Olympic Games

Students watched the video on how the medals were made as a start to our project, which lasted three weeks in our Language period >>>

Olympic Sports and Athletes

The Grade 4/5 class researched and completed projects about an Olympic sport or athlete >>>

Light the Flame

Students anticipated their chance to see the Olympic Torch pass through their communities >>>

Showcasing Our Olympic Spirit

When the Olympic Torch made its way through Edmonton on January 13, it definitely ignited the Olympic Spirit at St. James Catholic Elementary School >>>

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