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I have tickets to an event in Whistler. Can I drive my car there and where will I park?

There will be no public parking at Games venues, however there will be some public parking in Whistler.

To get to Whistler Creekside for alpine events, ticket holders can drive to a park and ride facility at the base of the Callaghan Valley Road. From there, shuttles will take you to Creekside.

To get to the Whistler Paralympic Park for Nordic events, ticket holders can drive to the Callaghan Valley Road, turn off of Highway 99, and follow directions to a park and ride facility a few hundred metres up the Callaghan Valley Road. From there, shuttles will take you to the venue.

Within Whistler, your Paralympic event ticket includes access to public transit for the day of your event.

During the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games what services are available to persons with accessibility needs?

All competition venues will offer accessible entry, accessible seating options, accessible washroom facilities, assisted hearing device and wheelchair loans, American Sign Language interpretation at Opening and Closing Ceremonies, accessible transportation and accessible shuttle service at outdoor venues with longer travel distances. Assistance guide dogs are also welcome. Limited assistance will be available between the venue’s ticketed entry point and the seating areas.

Will official merchandise, souvenirs and Vancouver 2010 uniforms be sold at the venue?

Official merchandise, including sport-specific and Team Canada merchandise, is sold at dedicated locations within all Olympic and Paralympic venues. Team 2010 will wear special uniforms, but these are not available for sale to the general public. For more information, visit the online store at http://www.vancouver2010.com/store.

I will be attending some of the ceremonies. What time do I have to arrive?

Gates at BC Place will open at 14:00 for the Opening Ceremony, at 16:30 for the Victory Ceremonies and at 13:30 for the Closing Ceremony. You are asked to be in your seats for the Opening Ceremony by the start of the audience participation rehearsal at 17:00, at 19:00 for the Victory Ceremonies and at 16:30 for the Closing Ceremony. At Whistler Medals Plaza, gates will open at 16:00 for the Opening Ceremony simulcast, 15:30 for Closing Ceremony simulcast and 16:30 for the nightly Victory Ceremonies.

I am coming in from out of town. Where can I get general information about the city and the Olympic and Paralympic events?

Visit the information booths located inside the Olympic and Paralympic venues. You will find information about the area, Cultural Olympiad events, transportation, venue and competition information and results. There will also be information kiosks located throughout Metro Vancouver and in Whistler.

Where can I find the Competition Schedule?

For a list of all Olympic and Paralympic competitions by day and by sport, view the Schedule and Results section.

Will I be searched when I enter an Olympic venue? Can my items be confiscated?

Yes, as searches are part of our security screening process. Be prepared to have your bag and the contents of your pockets inspected. Spectators carrying restricted items will be asked to either return them to their point of origin or dispose of them immediately.

I have general admission tickets for The Whistler Sliding Centre. Where can I see the events along the track?

General admission seating is located across from the finish dock and at the upper start house. Areas to stand and view are located throughout the venue. Note: it takes approximately 40 minutes to walk from the spectator plaza to the upper start house.

What items and actions are restricted at Olympic and Paralympic venues?

Check the prohibited and restricted items listed to make sure you’re not carrying anything that will be confiscated.

Will there be any public parking in Whistler?

Some public parking will be available in Whistler with some of the day lots opening to the public and additional fee-based parking available. Visit travelsmart2010.ca for details.

Is taking transit the only way to get around Whistler?

Taking the bus is a great way to get around Whistler. The BC Transit system is 100% accessible and is an affordable, convenient way to travel. Visit travelsmart2010.ca for routes and schedules. Walking on the Valley Trail, a scenic trail that connects Whistler’s many neighbourhoods, is another option that many locals enjoy.

Given the road closures around venues, how will spectators access the events?

With every event ticket, spectators have unlimited access to public transportation on the day of the event. Both city venues can be accessed using public transit, which is 100% accessible and will be the most efficient mode of transportation at Games-time. There will be no public parking at any Games venues.

All Games ticket holders travelling from Metro Vancouver to Whistler events can use one of two designated park and ride facilities near the Callaghan Valley Road just off Highway 99. From there, complimentary shuttle bus service will take you to Whistler Creekside or Whistler Paralympic Park. You do not need to book a seat on the shuttle bus.

Can I take my bike on the bus or SkyTrain during the Paralympic Games?

All buses, including community shuttles, are equipped with bike racks that can handle two bicycles. Taking a bike on the bus will generally not be an issue, provided there is a spot in the rack. Taking your bike on SkyTrain makes it easy to bike throughout the Metro Vancouver region. There are only a few restrictions about when you can take your bike on the SkyTrain. Please visit travelsmart2010.ca for details.

As there is no parking at venues, will public transportation get me to the events?

Ticketed Games spectators will have unlimited free access to local public transit the day of their event; all you have to do is show your ticket before boarding.
All ticketed Games spectators travelling from Metro Vancouver to Whistler and Cypress Mountain events will be transported on the Olympic bus network, a network of designated departure points. For Olympic event ticket holders whose trip originates in Vancouver, there will be a round-trip cost associated with booking a seat on the Olympic bus network. We recommend that you book your seat early to get your preferred departure time and rate. Rates are subject to change.

Can I park a wheelchair or electric scooter inside the venue?

Each venue will have an area labelled “Stroller Storage." Baby strollers, wheelchairs and electric scooters may be stored in this designated area.

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