The Whistler Sliding Centre

Sports at this venue

Venue Capacity : 12,000

The ticket box office is located near the spectator transportation drop-off area, near Lot 6.

Spectators with category A tickets have the right to reserved grandstand seating, located in corner 15/16 of the sliding track. Spectators with category B tickets are entitled to general admission seating or standing.

Category B seating locations are situated across from the finish dock as well as across from the upper start house.

Visit the information booth located in the spectator plaza if you have any questions concerning venue and competition information, tourist information or ticket resolution issues. 
Lost and found is also located at the information booth.

Viewing areas
Viewing areas are available throughout the venue. Check out all corners of the track as each has a different personality and gives a different perspective on the race. It takes approximately 40 minutes to walk from the spectator plaza to the upper start house. Walking is the only way to access the viewing areas.

The accessible shuttle will pick up spectators with specific needs, plus one companion, at the transportation drop-off and bring them to the accessible entrance. Once in the venue, spectators will take another accessible shuttle which will bring them to within approximately 90 metres of the accessible seating area.

We are committed to providing meaningful access and participation for people with a disability and welcome spectators with a disability to enjoy the 2010 Winter Games. View accessible features available on the venue.

Please be aware that there could be long waiting times to take the gondola or the shuttle. You may find it quicker to walk on the pathway.

The Whistler Sliding Centre, aerial view

The Whistler Sliding Centre Photos


At the Venue

DOAs this venue has no shelter, you could be outside for several hours. Be prepared for extremely cold and wet weather. 
Dress appropriately — wear layers, and if you have grandstand seating, wear warm pants.
Wear appropriate footwear to walk on snow and ice and around the venue. The terrain at this venue is steep and may be slippery in some areas. Take your time walking up, down and around the venue.

DO NOTDo not lean into the track or stand or sit on the railings. 
These actions could threaten your safety, as well as that of other spectators and could interfere with the athletes’ run.
For the safety of the athletes, flash photography is not permitted.
Please remember that leaving and re-entering the venue 
is not permitted.