The Vancouver 2010 Experience

“The Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games are first and foremost a sport festival, a celebration of culture, and a forum for pursuing and demonstrating sustainability and responsibility. But they can also be so much more.

“The Games are a catalyst. They are a once in a lifetime opportunity to make the world a better place, to leave lasting legacies, to inspire other nations, and to impact generations of young people. We have the opportunity to unite people everywhere in a common cause that – for at least one moment in time – showcases the best humanity has to offer, not just in sport but across a broad range of human endeavours.

“This is an enormous undertaking, and it will require a personal commitment to the values of VANOC and the ideals of the Olympic spirit. It will require long hours and personal sacrifice, but like the athletes who are preparing to deliver their best personal performance in 2010 by striving for excellence, we too will deliver an extraordinary Olympic and Paralympic experience together.”

John A. Furlong
Chief Executive Officer

VANOC is a complex and multi-faceted organization, and it takes people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences to pull it all together. While some of our staff have worked for previous Games, for many this is their first experience with an event of this magnitude.

Joel, Venue Overlay
"As a winter sport enthusiast, I love working on projects that millions of people - including myself - will use and enjoy for years to come. There's a great satisfaction in being part of a team that is able to see a finished product that will truly be a legacy for all Canadians."

Hilary, Aboriginal Participation
“I was with the 2010 Bid Corporation for 18 months, working on all types of projects from aboriginal relations and sustainability to event planning. Those 18 months changed the direction of my life – my eyes were opened to the power and opportunity of the Olympic and Paralympic movement and the excitement of working with such a dynamic and passionate team. After we won the Bid I was asked to come and help out for a few months, and three years later, I haven’t left!”

Dena, Sport
“Working at VANOC, you really notice the sense of pride and a sense of team. Everyone has a piece of this giant puzzle, and it takes everyone working together to get all the pieces to fit. This early on, it is like the outside of the puzzle is in place and now we are starting to fill it in. The challenge of it all is exciting.”

Harb, Venue Management
“I am excited to be part of an organization that is able to inspire others through sport. There is a great team atmosphere and energy here at VANOC and it’s amazing to work side-by-side with such enthusiastic and talented colleagues. This is such a great once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be involved with building the world’s greatest event in my hometown and proudly showcasing to the world how great Canada is.”

Chip, Broadcast Services Integration  
“It’s said that true happiness is found when you can live your life with little to no distinction between when you are working and how you live your personal life. Having the privilege to be part of VANOC allows me to live my life in such a manner. I find it very rewarding to collaborate with a highly talented group of Canadian and international colleagues, all of whom have the same goal: to deliver the best Games that Canada can offer the world.”

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