Getting Around Metro Vancouver

Public Transit
Vancouver and its suburbs (collectively known as Metro Vancouver) are served by TransLink’s system of buses, commuter railway and automated rapid transit lines. Access to public transit is included with your Olympic ticket for the day of the event.

Waterfront station, located in downtown Vancouver, is a major hub for TransLink services. From here you’ll be able to walk to BC Place and Canada Hockey Place along pedestrian corridors — as well as access public transportation to get to all the venues.

At Games time, public transit capacity and hours of service will increase, including on weekends and late at night. On the following page is a list of public transit options.

  • Rapid transit
    The rapid transit system includes the Expo, Millennium and Canada Lines which run every few minutes.
  • SeaBus
    The SeaBus provides passenger ferry service from Waterfront station in downtown Vancouver to Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver. Crossing between the two terminals takes 12 minutes. Both terminals provide connections to other transit services.
  • Olympic Line — Vancouver’s 2010 Streetcar
    City of Vancouver streetcars operate between January 21 and March 21. They run every six to 12 minutes and connect the Canada Line (at Olympic Village station) to Granville Island. Olympic Line streetcars are free of charge.
  • West Coast Express
    This passenger railway links downtown Vancouver (at Waterfront station) with suburbs to the east.
  • Buses
    An extensive network of bus services operate throughout the region.

More Ways To Get Around Vancouver

  • Walking
    Vancouver is a wonderful city to get around on foot, and walking is a perfect option if you are downtown. Check out the pedestrian corridors. In downtown Vancouver, these are public streets that are blocked off only for walking from noon to midnight. Pedestrian corridors provide easy walking and fun places to celebrate the Games.
  • Bicycling
    Vancouver usually enjoys mild winters, allowing locals and visitors to get around by bicycle. Take advantage of the numerous cycling routes and bike parking facilities near Games venues. See the Venues section for bike route connections to venues.

More Ways To Get Around Richmond

  • Walking 
    Walk over the Canada Line Bridge, which has a separate pedestrian/bike path under the guideway, and discover Richmond’s extensive waterfront trails. Walk from the Richmond Olympic Oval to the O Zone Celebration Site, only 15 minutes away.
  • Bicycling
    Take advantage of the city’s off-street trails and on-street cycling networks by cycling over the Canada Line Bridge’s pedestrian/bike path. The Richmond Olympic Oval is a 15-minute ride from the Canada Line Bridge. Other bridge crossings from Vancouver are the Arthur Laing Bridge, Oak Street Bridgeand Knight Street Bridge.