Venue Media Centres

Every competition venue, and most non-competition venues, will feature a Venue Media Centre (VMC), providing workspace and services for accredited press covering the 2010 Winter Games.

Workroom Services and Facilities

Workstations will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, with separate areas for press and photographers. Each workroom will be equipped with televisions airing the live feed of that venue’s competitions, as well as Info2010 terminals with networked printers.

Other services available at each VMC include:

  • Help desk for general information including competition details and transportation schedules
  • Language services support
  • Technology and telecommunications support desk
  • Media lounge with food and beverages available for purchase
  • Lockers for temporary storage
  • Pigeonholes with printed start lists, results, flash quotes and event previews and reviews

Press Tribunes

Each competition venue will provide a dedicated area for the press with unobstructed views of the field of play.

At indoor venues, reserved seating for the press will include a mix of tabled and non-tabled seats. Tabled seats will be equipped with electrical outlets, and a television monitor carrying the event feed will be located every three seats in each row.

At outdoor venues, the press will have reserved viewing areas close to the finish area.

Mixed Zones

The mixed zones at each venue provide an opportunity for the press to conduct brief, informal interviews with athletes immediately after they compete. As they leave the field of play, athletes must pass through the mixed zone, but they are not obligated to stop and talk to the media.

Priority within the mixed zones is established by the IOC. Athletes first pass the rights-holding broadcasters, and then the written press and photographers. Olympic News Service reporters work in the mixed zone to gather athlete comments, distributed on Info2010 and in the pigeonholes.

Press Conferences

A press conference room will be located at each VMC to accommodate post-event press conferences and interviews. The rooms will include a raised stage at the front of the room, a sound system with fixed and roaming microphones, and a platform at the back of the room for broadcast cameras and photographers.

Photo Services

Accredited photographers will work from photo positions at each venue, providing an unobstructed view of the field of play. Photo positions will be fixed at indoor venues and will be variable at outdoor venues depending on the conditions and the type of competition.

Paralympic Winter Games Press Operations

Current plans for the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games include two enhanced Venue Media Centres that will provide extended hours of service to the press.

In Vancouver, an enhanced Venue Media Centre at UBC Thunderbird Arena (site of ice sledge hockey and also known as the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre) will begin operations on March 6, 2010, five days before the Paralympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony.

In Whistler, the enhanced Venue Media Centre will be at Whistler Creekside (site of alpine skiing).

Venue Media Centres will also operate at Whistler Paralympic Park (site of cross-country skiing and biathlon) and Vancouver Paralympic Centre (site of wheelchair curling).

A press and photo work area will be available in the WMC, in conjunction with the nightly Paralympic Victory Ceremonies, to provide journalists and photographers with opportunities to file stories and photos from a location close to site of the ceremonies.