Procurement Objectives

VANOC is committed to effective management that ensures fairness, transparency, and fiscal responsibility when conducting its procurement activities.

The primary goal of VANOC's procurement efforts is to maximize the value of goods and services received for the money spent, while ensuring that schedule deadlines are met. In addition, the integration of sustainability principles of environmental stewardship, economic opportunity, and social responsibility into the procurement process is a significant element of VANOC's strategy to host a sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

To achieve these goals, VANOC will be guided by the following core practices when acquiring goods and services:

  • Competitive and open process will be used where commercially reasonable. Public tenders will be employed for larger acquisitions

  • Prospective suppliers and contractors will be treated fairly throughout the tendering or procurement cycle

  •  VANOC, its employees, consultants and agents will act in accordance with high standards of business conduct and will scrupulously avoid conflicts of interest

  • The VANOC procurement processes are complemented by sustainability objectives that include ethical sourcing, environmental protection, inclusivity, and striving to leverage opportunities that contribute to athlete and sport development and lasting sport legacies for Canadians

  • VANOC will meet all applicable legal and regulatory requirements governing the procurement process

  • VANOC will ensure that products and services delivered through the supply chain are manufactured and distributed ethically and with regard for international standards on human and labour rights

  • Prospective suppliers and contractors will not be permitted to engage in any form of lobbying to influence the outcome of a competitive procurement process. In addition, no person representing or affiliated with a prospective supplier or contractor will communicate, with respect to the competitive procurement process, with any director, officer or employee of VANOC or any partners or stakeholders, except the designated contact person

  • Submissions and offers will not be evaluated from - and contracts (including direct awards) will not be awarded to - suppliers and contractors whose current or past business or other interests or involvement with VANOC give rise to - or could in VANOC's opinion reasonably be perceived to give rise to - a conflict of interest

  • One on one communications with prospective suppliers will be carefully managed throughout the procurement cycle, from planning, solicitation or tender development to active procurement and contracting, to ensure fairness

  • Where a recurring demand is expected for particular types of goods or services, standing supply channel(s) may be established on the basis of best value through the prequalification of potential suppliers

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