Jacques Gauthier

Member, VANOC Board of Directors
Nominated by the Government of Canada

A lawyer and a strong proponent for sustainable energy, Mr. Gauthier is senior vice president and chief operating officer at Kruger Inc., a private energy company taking a leadership role in respecting the environment and embodying the principle of sustainable energy development. He was previously president and chief executive officer of Boralex Inc., a private producer of renewable energy. Mr. Gauthier has contributed to the growth of the company and played an important role in developing its key profitable projects. He has occupied several positions at various levels of management at Boralex and Cascades. Previously, Mr. Gauthier maintained a private law practice specializing in corporate reorganization. Throughout his career, Mr. Gauthier has developed strong negotiation skills, and he excels in the areas of strategic planning, operations, and finance.


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