Vancouver and its surrounding areas are popular tourist destinations offering a variety of accommodation options. The 2010 Winter Games are the largest event the region has hosted, with many visitors wishing to come to Vancouver and Whistler to experience the Games and the area.

With the Games less than a year away, demand for rooms by groups and individual spectators is very high. Finding accommodation located in close proximity to Games venues — such as in Richmond and downtown Vancouver — will be challenging. Based on patterns observed at previous Olympic Games, however, some hotel properties may offer rooms closer to Games-time. In Whistler, non-hotel inventory such as condos and townhomes is currently available.

VANOC’s tourism partners have created a website — — to assist spectators in finding a range of accommodation including hotels, bed and breakfasts, private home rentals and rooms on cruise ships. New inventory is being added on a regular basis, with more properties expected in the coming months. Visitors can also access accommodation inventory through,, and

The popularity of the 2010 Winter Games does mean that the demand for rooms located within close proximity of the venues exceeds the existing supply, and inventory added to the 2010 Destination Planner typically moves very quickly.

When looking for accommodation for the Games, VANOC and its partners recommend:

  • Looking further afield in the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas. Keep in mind that  with each event ticket, access to public transit is included for the day of the event.
  • Considering other accommodation options such as private home rentals, hostels and rooms on cruise ships.
  • Visiting the 2010 Destination Planner and other tourism websites regularly.
  • Staying in touch with individual hotels.
  • Contacting tour operators. Many hotels are looking for group rentals for their remaining unsold inventory.