What can I do as a volunteer?

Are you interested in volunteering, but not sure where your skills best fit? Here’s an overview of the areas that need the magic touch of volunteers. You’ll have the chance to choose your preferred role on the volunteer application form. With 25,000 positions to fill we’ll do our best to accommodate your request, but please keep in mind this will not always be possible.

AccommodationYou’ll help the general public and accredited visitors with their accommodation questions, directions, room availability, and resolve any accommodation issues that come up. This role might also involve registering and issuing credentials to athletes, officials, media and staff. Experience in the hotel, motel or travel hospitality industry is preferred.
AccreditationYou’ll assist in coordinating activities and shifts at accreditation centres, manage accreditation issues and support access control policies.
AdministrationYou’ll provide general administrative support and help with clerical duties. We’re looking for candidates with administrative experience.
Anti-DopingYou will verbally notify athletes of their selection for doping control and escort them from the field of play to the doping control station. We are looking for people that have strong interpersonal skills, excellent communication skills and are easily able to follow rules and procedures.
CeremoniesYou’ll help prepare for ceremonies and presentations, including performer support, costumes, props and flowers. Experience with special-event production is preferred.
Commercial Rights ManagementYou’ll protect VANOC, Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Olympic Games marketing partners against misuse and infringement of Olympic Games’ marks, distribution and sale of counterfeit products, ambush marketing activities, propaganda and commercial advertising. We’re looking for diplomacy and firmness in dealing with situations as well as the ability to stand or walk for long periods of time. Experience in law, law enforcement, marketing communications or special events is preferred.
CommunicationsYou’ll help with communications and incident reporting at all major venues using phones and two-way radios. We’re looking for people with experience in communication dispatch consoles and two-way radios.
Community RelationsYou’ll help with special events and community engagement days. You can expect to work in all weather conditions.
Cultural OlympiadYou’ll assist artists, production companies, VANOC administration and arts agencies create, as well as develop and implement Vancouver 2010 cultural programs.
Editorial Services/Online CommunicationsYou’ll create, produce and manage content and features for print and electronic publications including 
Event ServicesYou’ll assist with crowd management, ticket taking, ushering and access monitoring. We’re looking for people with have customer service and problem-solving skills, and the ability to work well in a team. Be prepared to work in all weather conditions.
FinanceYou’ll help with general financial operations, reconcile cash and ledger accounts, process financial documents for payments and receivables, provide audit and asset control support, assist athletes and guests with banking, handle cash and process payroll. We’re looking for experience in finance, audit or accounting.
Food & BeverageYou’ll provide food-service catering to athletes, officials, media, staff and spectators. Experience in food service or hospitality preferred.
Government Relations
You’ll provide client services to domestic dignitaries. Tasks will include administrative, hospitality and trouble-shooting services. Fluency in French, good communication skills and experience in protocol are preferred.
International Client Services (ICS)
You’ll provide customer service, including administrative services, to ICS customers such as international and domestic dignitaries. You’ll also help members of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Family and sponsors. Select ICS volunteers will also provide interpretive services. Fluency in a second language and experience in protocol or international relations, and good communication skills are preferred.
Media RelationsYou’ll help coordinate the scheduling of media requests, monitor media stories and assist in providing services to the media. Experience in the media relations environment and knowledge of local, national and international media exposure are preferred.
Medical ServicesYou’ll provide medical services at venue sites and in the Olympic Village. A licence to practice in a medical specialty is required. 
NOC/NPC ServicesYou’ll assist delegations from countries participating in the Olympic and/or Paralympic Winter Games. Fluency in English is required and knowledge of another language is preferred. You must be willing to drive and perform administrative duties on behalf of delegations in the Olympic and/or Paralympic Village.
Olympic and Paralympic VillagesYou’ll help with a variety of duties, including administrative support of Village operations, customer service, coordinate housing logistics, transportation and entertainment for athletes and officials. We’re looking for people who are available for 20 days or more.
Paralympic PlanningYou’ll help to coordinate Paralympic Games sport demonstrations at competition venues. We prefer candidates who are familiar with specific Paralympic Games sports.
Press OperationsYou’ll provide services to accredited press at the main press centre and all competition venues. Experience in the media industry, including journalism and photography, and knowledge of Olympic and/or Paralympic Winter Games sports is preferred.
Risk Management & Assurance ServicesYou’ll ensure venues are safe for all visitors and staff. Experience in risk management, insurance claims or occupational health and safety is preferred.
Sponsorship and ServicingYou’ll assist in maintaining sponsor obligations, and delivering brand and marketing programs.    
SportThe Sport function is responsible for delivering outstanding sporting events by providing safe and fair competitions as well as a meaningful and entertaining sport experience for all athletes, officials, spectators, members of the media and the Olympic and Paralympic families. Experience in or knowledge of winter sport events preferred.
Sport EventsYou’ll build a variety of skills that are transferable and will be taken into consideration for Games time volunteer roles. Volunteer positions vary and may include field of play, which varies by sport, venue operations such as event services, transport, technology and medical, among others. Sport Events are held in late 2008 to early 2009.
SustainabilityYou’ll assist with on-site venue environmental monitoring as well as updating information and act as a sustainability interpretive guide. You’ll assist with the on-site monitoring and managing of litter, solid and liquid waste, recyclable and compost materials, venue cleaning services, snow management and the maintenance of pedestrian walkways.
Technology You'll support the delivery and operations of our IT, Telecom and Audio Visual services. This includes help desk support for IT (computers, copy equipment, business applications), Telecom (radios, cell phones, and data/voice services), Audio Visual (TVs, Projectors) and related products, Timing, Scoring and Results (print distribution, spotters, data entry). Skills and experience in technology-related areas are preferred. Some positions require a considerable time commitment.
TicketingYou’ll provide customer support and general ticketing assistance to spectators at venues. 
Torch RelayYou’ll assist with driving and maintaining shuttle vehicles for torch bearers. You must have a valid Canadian or international driver’s licence and clean driving record.
TransportationYou’ll assist with scheduling, arrivals and departures of athletes, officials, and the Olympic and Paralympic Family. Some roles involve driving an official vehicle (sedan or van) and these positions will require a Canadian or international driver’s licence and clean driving record. If you prefer not to drive, there are still other opportunities available with transportation. Volunteer opportunities are available during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Sport Events and starting Fall 2008 to assist at our Headquarters.
Venue ManagementYou’ll assist in broadcasting and communications among venue team members. Experience in customer service and good verbal communication skills is preferred.
WorkforceYou’ll conduct staff check-in, distribute uniforms, support venue training, manage break areas and meal coupon distribution, assist with staff scheduling, facilitate venue communication, resolve staff issues, and ensure proper care and treatment of staff. Experience in human resources is preferred.

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