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Canadians are excited about the 2010 Winter Games and want to show their support. The following section addresses the most frequently asked questions raised by individuals wanting to show their enthusiasm for the 2010 Winter Games.

How can an individual show their support?

Individuals can show their support by purchasing official merchandise and attending the 2010 Winter Games. By purchasing official Vancouver 2010 merchandise or tickets, you will be supporting the 2010 Winter Games and the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Teams. Official Vancouver 2010 merchandise is sold at approved retail outlets nationwide and now features a security device affixed to each item that affirms the product's authenticity.

Read more about VANOC’s official merchandise program.

Read more about VANOC's ticketing program. To receive 2010 Winter Games ticketing information updates, subscribe here.

Please be advised that the only way to ensure you acquire an authentic ticket is to purchase such tickets through authorized distributors. Read more about Consumer Awareness at VANOC.

Individuals can also support the 2010 Winter Games by not engaging in the unauthorized use of the Olympic/Paralympic Brand, by not supporting businesses that infringe the Olympic/Paralympic Brand or engage in ambush marketing, and by not purchasing counterfeit merchandise or unauthorized tickets. 

Unauthorized use of the Olympic/Paralympic Brand threatens to undermine VANOC’s ability to raise funds necessary to host and stage the 2010 Winter Games.

The general public can greatly assist our efforts to protect the Olympic/Paralympic Brand. If you encounter ambush marketing, counterfeit merchandise or other infringements of the Olympic/Paralympic Brand, we encourage you to complete the Online Brand Infringement Reporting Form or send an e-mail to

The Olympic/Paralympic Brand Management Guidelines allow for individuals to feature the Olympic/Paralympic Brand in personal works for non-commercial use. Some requested uses may be subject to written approval by VANOC and/or the IOC . We encourage you to send your requests to  

How can an individual get involved?

VANOC is grateful for the support it has received from Canadians from coast to coast to coast, and their enthusiasm for the 2010 Winter Games and Canada’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes. VANOC will continue to announce initiatives that enable individuals to get directly involved, such as opportunities to join the VANOC team or to volunteer at the 2010 Winter Games.

Learn more about VANOC’s job opportunities.

Learn more about VANOC’s volunteer opportunities.

These Guidelines are not legal advice and any information contained herein does not in any way limit VANOC’s legal rights and remedies. If you think you may have infringed VANOC’s rights, or you are proposing to do something which you think may infringe VANOC’s rights, we recommend that you seek independent legal advice. Please also see the 2010 Olympic/Paralympic Brand Management disclaimer for more information.

Infringement Assessment: Despite the prominent featuring of the Brand, an individual piece of artistic work that is not produced for commercial gain is of low concern to VANOC. This would be considered as unlikely to infringe.

Infringement Assessment: Despite the initiative being artistic in nature, because it prominently features the Brand and is sponsored by a commercial organization that is not a marketing partner, this would be considered as likely to infringe.

Infringement Assessment: Despite the use of multiple Brand elements, the use is non-commercial in nature. This would be considered as unlikely to infringe.

Infringement Assessment: Because the example uses Brand elements for commercial gain, this would be considered as likely to infringe. This example would also constitute an infringement of the terms and conditions of VANOC issued tickets. Read more about Consumer Awareness at VANOC.

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