Please note that the National Presentation and Touring Program is no longer accepting proposals. Thank you for your interest and enjoy the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad!

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What is the National Presentation Touring Program?

The National Presentation Touring Program (NPTP) is a partnership between VANOC, the arts community, and the federal, provincial and territorial ministries responsible for culture and their arts funding agencies. The program facilitates touring opportunities for Canadian artists from all provinces and territories as part of the Cultural Olympiad 2009 and 2010 festivals. The goal is to leverage the opportunity of the Cultural Olympiad and the capacity of arts presenters to maximize engagement between Canadian artists and Canadian audiences.

The program enables touring by some of the most dynamic talent from all regions of Canada, spanning contemporary, classical and Aboriginal arts and popular culture. The NPTP mission is to enable artists’ participation in the Cultural Olympiad to reach Canadians in communities all across Canada by facilitating touring activity, not only in major cities but also in smaller centers.

At the core of the NPTP is a partnership model committed to building close working relationships with artists, and regional and national presenters in order to maximize their engagement in and benefits from the cultural program of the 2010 Winter Games.

The NPTP objective is to extend the reach and the benefits of the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad nationwide by facilitating tours of Cultural Olympiad programming in cooperation with existing arts presenters, producers and funding agencies across Canada. The NPTP will help build connections between presenters, producers, artists and audiences that will leave a positive post-Games legacy. The program will also contribute to increased dialogue and cooperation between federal, provincial and territorial funding agencies to enhance touring and presenting activity in Canada.

Will the events be broadcast through any media (TV, radio, video, internet)? If so, what is the scope and area covered by that media?

Participants in the NPTP program may be asked to provide broadcast material for promotional purposes. Broadcasting, live or otherwise, by any type of media will be discussed and negotiated on a case-by-case basis and incorporated into the contractual process, should such opportunities arise.

What is the expected attendance at Cultural Olympiad events outside of the Host Cities?

We expect that attendance will vary depending on the proposed project, and do not have set maximum or minimum projected attendance numbers. The NPTP, funding partners, artists and presenters will all work together to maximize the effectiveness of marketing and communications tools available to support each presentation.

How long will it take to hear back? Can I find out about my status?

a) Artists
Responses to funding applications to The Canada Council for the Arts will come directly from the Canada Council, not the NPTP office.

b) Presenters
Artists who receive touring support for NPTP tours will contact presenters directly once their funding has been approved by The Canada Council for the Arts. The NPTP office will subsequently provide presenters with additional information and guidelines.

What is the window of dates for NPTP activity?

Dates of core Vancouver/Whistler festival events are:

Cultural Olympiad 2009           February 1 – March 21
Cultural Olympiad 2010           January 22 – March 21

Touring activity will connect to these festival dates, with event dates in communities outside Vancouver/Whistler potentially beginning before and continuing after these festival dates.

Can we approach VANOC corporate sponsors to support our tour/tour engagement?

a) Artists
Yes. However, if you have already been chosen to participate in the NPTP, this decision was based on a mutual agreement between the NPTP and its funding partners as well as the viability of touring initiatives, not on a potential association with corporate sponsors.

b) Presenters
Yes. Presenters will be required to submit a complete list of sponsor initiatives prior to confirmation of participation in the NPTP.  Private foundation and public sector support does not generally pose a conflict with VANOC sponsors. Marketing commitments to non-VANOC corporate sponsors, however, would very likely conflict with VANOC’s commitments to its corporate sponsors.

Can we attach a corporate sponsor to the tour/tour engagement?

Official Vancouver 2010 corporate partners are the only sponsors that can be associated with tour events. A complete list of sponsors for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games can be found here.

Can presenters apply to the NPTP for direct funding support?

Through the tour development process, the NPTP may recommend that VANOC provide targeted financial assistance to individual non-profit presenters in the form of a co-presentation agreement. Such assistance is limited and will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on demonstrated financial need. In order to be considered for co-presentation funding, the presenter must be in discussion with NPTP representatives in relation to Cultural Olympiad artists. The presenter must provide the NPTP office with detailed information on the nature of the event and associated costs.  Please contact the NPTP office for appropriate documents and further information.

Can artists apply to the NPTP for direct funding support?

No. NPTP is not a funder, but a tour development facilitator.

What happens when I contact the NPTP office?

The NTPT office will supply documents and guidelines that outline the policies and procedures for applying to the touring program of the Canada Council in support of touring opportunities.

What is the definition of a tour?

A tour is considered by the NPTP, Canada Council and associated funding partners as an overnight stay and a minimum of three paid performance engagements outside of an artist/ensemble/company’s city of residence. The Metro Vancouver/Whistler/ Sea to Sky corridor is one destination and can qualify as one date in a tour request that includes at least two other communities.

What not to send the NPTP office?

  • large MP3 files or video attachments
  • photos
  • VHS or other electronic promotional items or printed material must not be sent unless requested by NPTP Office
  • technical or catering riders

Privacy Policy

VANOC sponsor and brand management guidelines

A complete list of sponsors for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games can be found here.

Information regarding VANOC’s brand management guidelines can also be found at

How do I apply for tour support?

Artists who have been programmed to perform at Cultural Olympiad festival events within the Metro Vancouver/Whistler/Sea to Sky corridor on a confirmed date, and who have a minimum of three confirmed engagements (one of which can be Vancouver/Whistler/Sea to Sky) should contact the NPTP office.

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