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As you adventure around Vancouver by day and night, a number of installations and projects are at your fingertips. Wandering along the seawall a number of light beams, controlled by participatory virtual artists around the world, help create a beautiful sculpture of lights. Downtown Vancouver comes in contact with myriad light-based installations, events and public art projects, all partnering with local community media and visual art centres. Ride the SkyTrain to Surrey and view a projection on the side of the wall built by local youth artists bringing light and creativity to the area. All in all, as you move around Vancouver, allow CODE Live’s suite of installations animate your travels.

When / Where: Various times and locations.





Vectorial Elevation: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Canada)

In Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Vectorial Elevation, the public is an integral part of the artwork. Using an online interface located at the project website, participants from all over the world are able to design immense “light sculptures” with 20 searchlights located along English Bay. Every night, new submitted designs are quietly rendered in the sky every 12 seconds. The project automatically creates a personal webpage for each participant, documenting his or her contribution with views from four project webcams. With a 15-kilometre visibility radius, the installation intends to blend the virtual space of the internet with one of the most emblematic public spaces in Vancouver.

The rhythmic movement of the lights slowly dancing above English Bay is a choreography created collectively on the internet, by the sum of individual participant’s designs. Thus, the piece is designed to attract personal participation that creates a sense of global connection.




Fearless Mobile, OMG IM ON DOT TV, Untold Histories: W2 Community Media Arts Society (Canada)

The W2 Community Media Arts Society presents a series of community based installations. Fearless City is a series of video projections that connect audiences with stories from the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, projected on exterior and interior spaces in and around the Woodward’s building. OMG I’m on .TV coordinates broadcasting of internet content to local TV through a low-power transmitter. The public can create the shows, vote, and participate in the whole process. In Untold Histories, Dustin Rivers brings the W2 Culture + Media House gallery to life with a large format two-dimensional rendering of Squamish Nation traditional culture. Through layered projection and sound, the work evokes messages of presence of his people, ancestors, and untold histories of the land known as Vancouver.


Glocal Urban Screen Project: Surrey Art Gallery (Canada)

The Surrey Art Gallery in partnership with the City of Surrey Public Art Program is providing an outdoor exhibition space to present digital art in public. One of the largest urban screens in Canada, it will be dedicated to showing artworks from British Columbian artists and from around the world. The premiere presents works from the Glocal Project, a team of artists who were residents at the Surrey Art Gallery TechLab in 2008-2009. Much of their work focused on engaging youth from the Surrey community in digital art creation. The screen will be a legacy within Surrey’s developing Cultural Corridor and the exhibition of new artworks from the community is planned after the end of the Olympic Games.




Intersection 2010: Bright Light: Presented by the City of Vancouver (Canada)

For the 2010 Winter Games, the City of Vancouver’s Public Art Program has developed a temporary program of media and light artworks on Carrall Street and surrounding areas. There are a myriad of works taking place in buildings, shops and gallery windows waiting to be encountered by a pedestrian visitor. The corridor will offer opportunities for reflection and interaction and are linked by a calendar, a map and a website. Twelve major art works by a consortium of Vancouver artists and downtown arts organizations will make up the coordinated event and include light-based installations, video projections, street performances, community events and publications. Curatorial partners on Intersection 2010: Bright Lightinclude Access, Artspeak, ASIR Studio, Centre A, Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts, Fillip, Helen Pitt Gallery, Instant Coffee, Jeffrey Boone Gallery, LIVE Biennale, Makeshift and The W2 Community Media
Arts Society.








NeoGrafik: NomIg (Ed Jordan, Stephanie MacKay), Alexis Laurence

Using video projection on different buildings around the city, NeoGrafikallows artists to project temporary digital graffiti, changing perceptions of art and architecture in the process. 

NeoGrafik is the name for a temporary form of graffiti that uses a custom interactive canvas to allow invited artists and the public to create, in real time, a large mural projected on selected buildings as an audience watches. NeoGrafik will take place at multiple venues throughout CODE Live, responding to the unique characteristics of each location. Great Northern Way, with its freight containers, will provide the perfect showcase for the origins of theNeoGrafik project: graffiti. Invited graffiti artists will create live works showcasing graffiti’s contribution to contemporary art while paying homage to “graf’s” infamous history in the rail yard. At Emily Carr University, one of the oldest art forms meets one of the newest. Inspired by Emily Carr herself, the works at this location will showcase the hybridization and innovation of NeoGrafikwith our guest artists working in the traditional mode of painting using cutting-edge technology. With its community focus, The W2 Community Media Arts Society and the surrounding buildings will be an apt surface for artists to showcase their works based on inspiration taken from their local communities and environments. The impact of architecture upon the urban and mental landscape will be explored through the use of other seminal buildings in the downtown core. These surfaces provide the opportunity for the public to re-examine their relationship to architecture by using it as a canvas for fun and creativity, transforming the monochrome cement and metal into vibrant and living paintings.




PaCuBoxes: Tom Kuo, co-presentation with the Canadian Film Centre (Canada)

PaCuBoxes is a participatory installation with miniature galleries placed in unexpected outdoor locations throughout Vancouver.

The Toronto-based artist collective PaCu, which stands for Participatory Culture, is the inspiration behind PaCuBoxes,where unassuming urban locations are brought to life through small, public art installations. With a transparent front, the lockable and durable metal units are internally lit at night through solar-panel-assisted LEDs so pedestrians can enjoy art any time of the day. PaCuBoxes also extend beyond pedestrian space to virtual space with the site Online, one can comment, offer new ideas and carry on a discussion around these small creations. PaCu sees the boxes as a physical version of blogs; a way to create an equal access network for anyone to both see and create works of art in an everyday situation

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