VANOC Business Plan and Games Budget

Every business needs a plan. An entity as complex as an organizing committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games requires an especially robust plan based on sound strategy and forward thinking. One of the key lessons learned from previous Games organizers is that change is certain and constant. A good plan allows for change. VANOC’s plan does.

The VANOC Executive and the Board of Directors require a sound business plan to make decisions, monitor performance and fulfill their core responsibilities. VANOC’s plan will serve that purpose. It will provide the Board and its committees the context against which to measure activities and understand the progression of planning. With a project-oriented business like the 2010 Winter Games, planning progress is best monitored against the expected Games-time deliverables and milestones along the path. Fiscal year performance provides the Board, management and stakeholders with an appreciation of how resources are being managed year to year as milestones are achieved. This plan and business model will provide the Board with its foundation for good decision making.

Updated Budget (January 2009)

VANOC Business Plan and Games Budget (May 2007)

  • Vancouver 2010 Winter Games overall operating budget (revenue sources and expenditures) 

  • Vancouver 2010 Winter Games venue development (construction) budget

  • Descriptions of budget and financial information for each VANOC function 

  • 15 Appendices:

    • Marketing and Sponsorship Plan 

    • Project Control and Deficit Avoidance Plan 

    • Risk Management Plan Procurement Plan

    • Human Resources Plan

    • The Working Environment

    • Venue Agreement Plan

    • Games Security Concept, Partners and Integration

    • Cultural Plan

    • Health Services Plan

    • Communications Plan

    • VANOC Corporate Sustainability Policy

    • Official Languages Plan

    • Evaluation Mechanism

    • Legacies of the 2010 Winter Games

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