Press Services

Press Services works with VANOC functions to deliver services to accredited press clients such as accreditation, accommodation, transportation and the Press Rate Card.

Accreditation – Written and Photographic Press

All deadlines for press accreditation for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games have passed. For additional details on the Games accreditation process, contact your National Olympic Committee or International Olympic Committee - Media Operations (

The written and photographic press — including technicians, support staff and non-rights holding radio and television personnel — are accredited to the Olympic Games under general category “E”. The IOC has set a quota of 2,800 “E” accreditations for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and has allocated that quota among the National Olympic Committees (NOC) based on a variety of factors. The IOC also manages the accreditations for several international news agencies.

Press accreditation is a two-stage process that identifies how many accreditations each press organization will be given and names the individual representatives from each organization who will receive accreditation.

Stage 1
October 2008 – February 2009
Press by Number
Each NOC assigns its quota of press accreditations to press organizations within its territory. The Press by Number summary form and Press Organization registration forms are completed and returned to VANOC.
February 12, 2009

Stage 2
June – September 2009
Press by Name
Each press organization and non-rights-holding broadcast organization completes a Press by Name form for the individual representatives to receive accreditation, and returns the forms to VANOC via its NOC or Responsible Organization.
September 12, 2009

Accreditation – Non-Rights-Holding Broadcast Organizations

A limited number of non-rights-holding radio and/or television broadcast organizations will receive accreditation in the ENR category in order to cover the 2010 Winter Games as a news event.

The IOC is directly responsible for the allocation of all ENR accreditations, which are not included in each NOC’s quota. ENRs must abide by the IOC’s News Access Rules and sign an undertaking on behalf of the organization and all persons assigned by the organization to cover the Olympic Games.

The application form for non-rights-holding broadcasters interested in covering the 2010 Olympic Winter Games will be available in October 2008 on the IOC website at

ENR application forms must be submitted to the IOC by November 30, 2008. Late requests will not be considered.

Accreditation – Paralympic Winter Games

The press accreditation process for the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games will follow a similar process as the Olympic Winter Games. The key points of contact for the press are the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the National Paralympic Committees (NPCs).


Press accommodation for the 2010 Winter Games will consist of hotels in the Greater Vancouver area and condominium apartments in Whistler. Media villages will not be used in Vancouver or Whistler.


The media transportation system serves both the accredited written and photographic press as well as personnel of the rights-holding broadcasters and the Olympic Broadcasting Services Vancouver (OBSV).

The media transportation system will provide a safe, efficient and environmentally sensitive transportation service to the press covering the 2010 Winter Games. The system will be based on a “hub-and-spoke” design, with the Main Media Centre (MMC) in Vancouver and the Whistler Media Centre (WMC) in Whistler as the central transportation hubs.

Press Rate Card

The Vancouver 2010 Press Rate Card program provides press organizations with the opportunity to rent or purchase products and services to facilitate their coverage of the 2010 Winter Games. From laptops and mobile phones to private office space and dedicated internet lines, many products and services can be ordered in advance through the Press Rate Card program.

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