Community Institutions

VANOC encourages community institutions and groups to share in the 2010 Winter Games excitement and show their support. This information is intended for institutions in not-for-profit fields such as youth development, human services, social and environmental justice, community development, health care, education, housing and the arts.

How can a community institution associate with the 2010 Winter Games?

In certain circumstances, community, charity and educational activities can feature the Olympic/Paralympic Brand, with the approval of VANOC. Requests should be submitted to Approved requests will be subject to securing the written approval of VANOC .  

In September 2007, VANOC launched /EDU , an online, interactive learning environment where students, teachers and the public can learn more about Vancouver 2010, the Olympic and Paralympic Movements, and the three Olympic pillars of sport, culture and sustainability

To find out more, visit .

These Guidelines are not legal advice and any information contained herein does not in any way limit VANOC’s legal rights and remedies. If you think you may have infringed VANOC’s rights, or you are proposing to do something which you think may infringe VANOC’s rights, we recommend that you seek independent legal advice. Please also see the 2010 Olympic/Paralympic Brand Management disclaimer for more information.

Infringement Assessment: Because the use is for educational purposes and is non-commercial in nature, this would be considered as unlikely to infringe.


Infringement Assessment : In this case, because the proposed use of the Brand and the event itself is being sponsored by a commercial organization that is not a marketing partner, this would be considered as likely to infringe.

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