Olympic Bus Network

Who should buy an Olympic bus network ticket?

  • All ticketholders for events at Cypress Mountain require a ticket on the Olympic bus network. Public transit is not available to Cypress Mountain during Games time.
  • Ticketholders travelling from Metro Vancouver for events in the Whistler area that do not have accommodation in the Sea to Sky corridor and or confirmed parking will require a ticket on the Olympic bus network.
  • Please keep in mind there is no public parking at any of the venues at Games time and only vehicles with resident permits or confirmed accommodation will be permitted to drive on the Sea to Sky highway to Whistler between the hours of 6:00 am and 6:00 pm from February 11 to 28, 2010. 

An Olympic bus network ticket is not required if ticketholders:

  • Have accommodation and parking in Whistler.
  • Are booked or plan to use a commercial motor coach  (see for more information)
  • ·Are coming from the Whistler area to Vancouver (except Cypress). However, a Sea to Sky checkpoint permit will be required to travel back north of Squamish between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. Visit

Departure Hubs:

Know before you go where your venue’s specific departure hub is and how to get there:

Departure Hubs parking:  

Complimentary parking at selected park and rides will be provided to spectators purchasing Olympic bus network passes to the Cypress and Whistler sport events.  However, Lonsdale Quay is only accessible by public transportation, including the SeaBus. There is no spectator parking available at Lonsdale Quay.

If you are driving, do not park along roadways in residential neighbourhoods, near a departure hub or in a departure hub not associated with your venue destination. Strict towing policies will be enforced. Space on the bus has been allocated for spectators who purchased tickets to Cypress or Whistler events.

Check public transit options to get to your departure and transfer hubs. Depending on where you’re coming from, it might be easier to use public transportation to get there. For TransLink routes, schedule information and help with your travel planning, visit or call the Customer Information Centre at 1 604 953 3333.

5 Things You Need To Know about the Olympic bus network:

1.Olympic bus network tickets are required for all spectators travelling to Cypress Mountain.

2.Olympic bus network transportation tickets are sold separately from Olympic event tickets.

3.The Olympic bus network isaccessible for spectators using wheelchairs or with guide dogs.

4.In recognition of Visa's support of the 2010 Winter Games, we are proud to accept only Visa payment cards. For more information on how to obtain a Visa card, visit your financial institution or   

5.The Olympic bus network only serves spectators going from the Vancouver area to Cypress Mountain andWhistler venues. If you want to go skiing or sightseeing in Whistler or are coming from the Whistler area to Vancouver, you can use commercial motorcoach service. For more information, visit

Additional Information:

Visit Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information or help booking your Olympic bus network ticket, please contact:

Customer Service Information

Monday through Friday 09:00 to 19:00 (PT)

Saturday 09:00 to 16:00 (PT)

For calls from anywhere in Canada or the U.S.: 1.866.957.3774

For international calls outside of North America: 1.866.330.7275