2010 Paralympic Torch Relay

The 10-day, 2010 Paralympic Torch Relay will give many Canadians, young and old, a chance to discover the unique and inspiring stories of Paralympians and other Canadians who defy the odds.

The 2010 Winter Games are Canada’s Games and the Paralympic Torch Relay is an important event to connect Canadians to the Games.

Through public celebrations, school programs and online, the 2010 Paralympic Torch Relay will engage Canadians, and hopefully the world, by demonstrating the fire inside each individual and how it inspires others. It will shine a light on their achievements and celebrate their passion for sports.

The 2010 Paralympic Torch Relay in brief:

  • Lighting of the Paralympic Flame during a ceremony in Ottawa involves torchbearers who represent each province and territory.
  • This relay is distinct from typical relays as it will happen in and around the Celebration Communities.

The 2010 Paralympic Torch Relay will begin in Ottawa on March 3, 2010 and conclude at the Opening Ceremony in Vancouver signalling the start of the Paralympic Winter Games on March 12, 2010 where Paralympians from all over the world will unite to celebrate the possible.

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