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The Collins Class Submarine

The successful result of technology transfer

HMAS Collins

When the Australian government planned the acquisition of their new submarine force, they aimed at a submarine more capable than any existing design in the world. Moreover, they made the bold and daring decision to build the submarines in Australia, a country with no experience of design and construction of submarines.

From the competing contenders Kockums was evaluated as having the most capable submarine design and highest level of technology transfer ability.

Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC)

The diving and safety station on board HMAS Collins. View larger image

The diving and safety station on board HMAS Collins.

Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) is responsible for the construction and building of the Collins submarines.

Kockums played an integral role in the technology transfer of the design and construction to Australia by utilising its advanced modular construction method.

The launching of HMAS Collins in 1993. View larger image

The launching of HMAS Collins in 1993.


A Collins Class submarine is a long-range, multipurpose patrol submarine capable of both short duration coastal missions, and long-duration open sea defensive and offensive operations. The submarines have a patrol endurance of more than two months, most of the time submerged.

The Collins Class submarines have all the attributes expected of a state-of-the-art submarine, including high manoeuvrability, low signature patterns, high firing rates, and excellent shock endurance.

They are also adapted to the specific environmental conditions and operational profiles applicable to the Royal Australian Navy.

Among the largest in the world

With a displacement of 3 050 / 3 350 tonnes, the Collins Class submarines are among the largest and most advanced and efficient conventional submarines in the world.

HMAS Collins was launched in 1993 and delivered to the Royal Australian Navy in May 1996. The six Collins Class submarines ordered have all been delivered to the Royal Australian Navy.

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