Station usage

Station usage data is collated by Delta Rail. Station usage data consist of estimates of the total numbers of people entering, exiting and interchanging at stations.

Latest station usage data

The latest station usage information is based on ticket sales in the financial year 2008-09 and covers all National Rail stations throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The station usage figures are subdivided by ticket type (full, reduced and season tickets), whilst information on the county and region of each station is also provided.

Pre-release access to the 2008-09 data in advance of 24 hours was granted to the British Transport Police Authority, who required the data ahead of publication so that it could be included in their charges model.

The initial station usage figures available on this site between 25 March 2010 and 7 April 2010 contained an error which has now been corrected.  Advance Purchase (‘Apex’) tickets were included twice within the ‘Reduced’ category, thus increasing entries and exits, particularly in areas with higher levels of advance purchase tickets e.g. stations served by intercity operators. ORR apologises for any inconvenience. For more information please contact

Last updated: 7 April 2010

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