LOS ANGELES – After being repeatedly ambushed, double-teamed and otherwise abused by Legacy, Triple H reached out to his long-time friend and co-founder of D-Generation X, Shawn Michaels, for some help putting these Young Turks in their place. Though Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase gave the experienced ring veterans more trouble than they expected, it was DX who walked away with the victory after Michaels pinned Rhodes.

After an explosive entrance from D-Generation X that saw Triple H & Michaels ride out on a vintage tank, Legacy entered the ring at SummerSlam, ready to benefit from the tutelage of Randy Orton. Putting every one of their mentor’s devious tricks to use, Rhodes & DiBiase made frequent tags, hoping to keep their opponents on the defense. But, despite Legacy’s aggression and willingness to utilize every underhanded tactic at their disposal, the less-experienced team was ultimately defeated when Michaels managed to “break it down” by delivering some devastating Sweet Chin Music to Rhodes.

For months, Triple H had struggled with Randy Orton over possession of the WWE Title, but whenever The Game looked to have it in the bag, The Viper’s associates in Legacy would emerge and assault The King of Kings. Fed up with their interference and unscrupulous tactics, Triple H went in search of his D-Generation X partner, Shawn Michaels. However, as HBK returned for the much-lauded DX reunion, The Game & The Showstopper suffered a surprise attack by Rhodes & DiBiase, who beat their rivals to the mat in the midst of their return celebration, sending a clear message mere days before they were to meet at SummerSlam.

Even in defeat, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase have reason to celebrate as they accomplished a feat few tandems can boast of: Going toe-to-toe with D-Generation X, one of the premier tag teams in WWE history. Though DX left SummerSlam victorious, Triple H & Shawn Michaels know that they now share Monday Night Raw with another force to be reckoned with: The Legacy. How long will it be before these two dominant factions collide once again?