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    Your best CRM representatives could be closer to home than you think

    With traditional contact centre attrition rates of 25–35 percent, rising to 40–70 percent for offshored services, attracting and retaining high-quality employees is a growing problem.

    The BT Homeshoring solution can help break this non-virtuous cycle. With home-based workers, churn typically drops to 10 percent, absenteeism by as much as 60 percent, and you’ll find it easier to attract and retain the right people.

    Bringing home the contact centre

    Homeshoring is more than just home working. We provide homeshored advisors with full virtual contact centre functionality, incorporating production level services such as payroll, HR and training, to ensure maximum efficiency and control. Our complete package enables agents to be effectively monitored and recorded as though based in a traditional contact centre.

    Establishing a flexible working environment will help you attract and retain an accomplished, multi-skilled and diverse talent pool. We’ll help you empower quality personnel and provide the connectivity to critical customer and back-office information for optimum productivity.

    Our comprehensive solution can help you:

    • Establish contact centre infrastructure from scratch; providing the equipment, connectivity and people services you need to implement homeshoring.
    • Extend your existing Virtual Contact Centre (VCC) capabilities and infrastructure to facilitate homeshoring.
    • Transform your existing VCC capabilities and contact centre estate to enable call delivery to both in-house and homeshored advisors when migrating to full IP contact centre infrastructure.

    Ringing the changes to bring long-term value

    Recruiting and training replacement agents costs on average between £12–15K. When coupled with the inconvenience and disruption caused by constant staff churn, the business case for an alternative approach is significantly strengthened.

    BT’s Homeshoring solution can help alleviate your recurring recruitment costs by helping you attract and retain valuable staff. Homeshored agents are comparatively as economical to employ as offshored agents – yet add value through being locally sourced and culturally more empathetic to your demanding customer base.

    Homeshoring also enables you to target sections of the community that wouldn’t traditionally be attracted to the contact centre workplace. For example, people aged 50+, full-time carers, and people with disabilities. We can help you create a diverse and stable workforce that enhances the customer experience through improved service – and, in the long term, reduces your dependence on physical contact centre facilities.

    In the drive to meet government social inclusion imperatives and demanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations, bringing the contact centre home may be the answer you need. 

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