Butt Machine Boys
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Web Date 11-29-2009


I'm sorry for not posting sooner. First, thank you for all the birthday wishes a month ago (October 24th) and I received serval packages from all over the world. After all these years and you all still remember. Thank you , thank you!

I am doing live shows on BoundGods.com now. I did my first live show on Nov 10th. You can see the shoot in the live show archive on BoundGods. I'm sorry I didn't give you a heads up. I just got so many things going on right now. My next live show is Dec 12th. Please visit BoundGods.com for more info. It's real time web streaming in HD plus chat. The new technology is mind boggling. Please join me and chat on Dec 12th.

I got some hate mail because I promised to be on Buttmachineboys.com. Well, my body was great during Folsom Street Fair in September. Then, when I'm ready for the machines in October, there were 3 birthday cakes involved and everyone wanted to take me out to dinner. I'm not joking, I got 3 birthday cakes. Being on my own since the age of 16, I never knew where my next meal was coming from. I never threw food away...even till this day. I ate everything in sight. In another word, I'm a fat pig and I need to loose some weight. But now, the freaking holidays are here. Oh, I did a lot of damages during Thanksgiving.

xoxo Van

Web Date 11-28-2009

I got this email and I thought I share it with you. I had no idea and it's so funny. I don't know why the Japanese call me TDN. Can you someone explain this to me? Well, I looked at a bunch of them. It takes a lot of time and effort to put a video like this together. I'm flattered. My favorite one is by Keisuke0000000001 "TDN (Van Darkholme) x Evans X Dj Yoshitaka". It has pretty much all of my work. You can see it at the bottom of this page.

dear Master Van,

i'm writing you in the hopes of hearing your thoughts on your recent popularity in Japan. there is an entire community (some would call it a universe) devoted to mixing and editing videos you and other pornstars (most notably billy herrington) have starred in. don't ask me. this universe is known as the Gachimuchi universe. again, don't ask me. you are known as TDN in this universe. by now you could be dizzy with confusion if this revelation isn't a huge moonlanding to you.

i scoured your site in order to find something on this, but sadly there was nothing. there was a bunch of interesting stuff to read on your site though. keep it up. you are god.

here are "some" (lol) example videos. there are literally thousands of videos like these on the internet. hearing what you have to think would be interesting for both me and your japanese fans.


(name withheld)

And the winner is....

Please check out my two other sites. See me work over these boys :)