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Glastonbury 2000

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A Glastonbury Wedding

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day so the theory goes. A fluffy white dress, big church, and huge party afterwards. Sorry Mum, but not this one.

The huge party yes, but as for the other two - not in a million years. I never even saw the point of marriage until I met Chelfyn.

It wasn’t love at first sight (the first time I met him I thought he was gay), and we’d known each other for two years before I started looking at him in That way. As a friend said - sometimes if you stop looking for Mr Right you find out that you already know him, or at least a friend of yours does.

Technically we met on the Internet after a friend forwarded me a smiley face he had animated, and mailed each other the usual jokey fodder. He was at the periphery of my circle of friends but we were always going out with other people until a party at the beginning of the year.

We flirted -I mailed him to see if he wanted to go out for a drink and we started going out. Six weeks later we ended up having one of Those Conversations in bed as I’m planning on emigrating to New Zealand next year. The subject light-heartedly turned to marriage and I came out with ‘ so you’ll have to ask me to marry you’ line, he did, and I said yes.

It’s hilarious the reaction you get from friends when you announce you’re getting married, especially the ones who are in long term relationships. The males get the same hunted expression and the females immediately want to know how you got him to ask you.

Once reality dawned on both of us we realised that we’d better work out how the hell we were going to do it. What was I going to wear, what type of ceremony were we going to have, and where were we going to do it? It quickly became clear that we were going to have to have two weddings, a civil registry office do and a ceremony that was more suitable for our own personal beliefs , so we decided to round it up to three. The summer for both of us means festivals, so that decided the dates. We’d have the first at Glastonbury, the second registry office do on the morning of Ashton Court Festival, and round it off with a third at The Big Chill ‘Enchanted Garden’ Festival for all the friends who couldn’t make it to the other two.

This meant that we had about 2 months to organise 3 weddings but we both love a challenge. This led to the thought of Glastonbury. We were joking about where in your wildest dreams would you get married at Glastonbury and both came out with the same answer – on the Main Stage.

It was such a preposterous idea that we had to go for it, so the following week I faxed Michael Eavis to ask. We didn’t hear anything for about a month and then the week before got a call from the Production Manager for the main stage saying they had our fax and how many friends would we like to bring on stage with us?

We barely had a week to get used to the idea and I ended up making my silver dress the night before, but the following Saturday we found ourselves walking across site to the main stage on our way to get married. Last minute wedding jitters were compounded with the venue, the fact that we’d lost our High Priest for the Wiccan Wedding ceremony, and the TV crew that were waiting to film us.

Also waiting for us with a huge grin in his face was Keith Allen who my friend Suzy had found round a camp fire that morning and invited along. As our slot was fast approaching and still no sign of the our High Priest we asked Keith if he wanted to do it. We thrust a copy of the ceremony into his hand, walked up the ramp and onto the massive Pyramid Stage.

Thankfully I hadn’t been to the front of the stage before this to get a real sense of how huge it really is but Chelfyn had. We only had 10 minutes before they would be setting up the stage for the first band so we dumped out bags, walked out in front and faced the audience of our friends and various festival goers who were still up at the unearthly hour of 9.00 a.m.

Keith and my friend Liz who was High Priestess were fantastic, though at one point I thought Keith was going to get the crowd to sing Vindaloo – yes I know you were only joking Keith - and then we came to the hand-fasting. We had a cord that someone had given us the night before but had forgotten to find a wand and some wine.

Gaz our witness saved the day by producing a UV water pistol and a bottle of absinthe, we said our vows, and slipped on the rings. We left the stage slightly dazed and went to sit round the backstage campfire at Joe Strummers café.

 Champagne was produced along with a box of Jaffa Cake Muffins for wedding cake and the phone started ringing with people wanting us to give radio interviews. 
The bouquet was thrown, caught by Keith (who would have rugby tackled anyone who got near) and who started eating bits of it.
It was eventually wrestled from his grasp and thrown to my bridesmaid Rhona.

The rest of the day was spent hanging our round the campfire being thoroughly spoilt by everyone and rounded off with Chelfyn - my new husband DJing at the Miniscule of Sound.

It was very strange going back into work on the Monday (with my hair still pink) for a meeting with my client and finding out that our wedding video went out on BBC 2 on the Saturday night. Our wedding pictures are hilarious and we’re going to do it all again in a few weeks after our honeymoon in Reykjavik, and then later in the summer.

Having a wedding anniversary at Glastonbury every year is something we’re both looking forward to, and being married by the Tooth Fairy on the Pyramid Stage? No-one will ever believe us….


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A Glastonbury Wedding

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