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G20 summit: 'Spiderman' Alain Robert climbs Lloyd's building

A French climber called Alain Robert who has earned the nicknamed "Spiderman" climbed the Lloyd's of London building today to protest over climate change during the G20 summit.

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G20 summit: 'Spiderman' Alain Robert climbs Lloyd's building
French climber Alain Robert, also known as Spiderman scales the outside of the Lloyds Insurance building in central London Photo: AFP
G20 summit: 'Spiderman' Alain Robert climbs Lloyd's building
Photo: AP

The urban climber scaled the famous building in the City of London and unfurled a banner warning of "100 months" to save the world.

Onlookers said he leapt out of a silver car which pulled up outside One Lime Street just before midday and began his ascent, without ropes, on the Leadenhall Passage side.

He reached the 9th floor of the 290ft-high building and unfurled a yellow banner before climbing down to street level, where he was met by police and led away.

A spokesman for insurer Lloyd's of London said: "He climbed to the 9th floor of the building and then unfurled a banner.

"Then he folded it up and climbed down. He was only up there for about 20 minutes."

Robert has conquered some of the tallest and most famous buildings in the world, including Sydney Opera House, Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, and Canary Wharf in London's Docklands.

Last year he climbed the New York Times Building in New York City to protest about climate change and was arrested by police on the roof.

Today's protest was a return to the Lloyd's building which he last scaled in May 2003 in a publicity stunt to promote the Spider-Man film.

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