Pervasive Business Xchange

Pervasive Business Xchange™ allows companies to move outside of the enterprise and connect with customers and suppliers faster and more cost effectively than ever before.


Pervasive Business Xchange for Your Company's Supply Chain 

Over 1,000 companies across North America have already adopted the Pervasive Business Xchange technology to achieve significant savings in their business operations. These customers, from a broad range of sectors including Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Construction, Health Care, Telecom, Retail and Technology, have significantly benefited from the supply chain management solutions Pervasive Business Xchange has brought to them.

Companies are recognizing that they must establish collaborative connections throughout the entire supply chain. From suppliers to the retail point-of-sales, multiple suppliers and multi-divisional corporations or even internal supply chains, Pervasive Business Xchange can be incorporated in a step-by-step fashion until it is enterprise-wide.

Pervasive Business Xchange customers rely on our solutions to achieve total compliance with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) efforts, improve their level of customer satisfaction by connecting them to accurate account information, or to centrally present product information for purchase or sale.

Do these business needs sound familiar?

   –  You need to connect to partners and businesses in a dynamic, secure and efficient manner.

   –   You need updates to be delivered to multiple trading partners instantly.

   –   You, your customers and suppliers need access to account information, order status, invoice detail reports and purchase history records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We can develop custom, client-specific tools and features – custom reports in the format that meet these and other needs. The flexibility and skills of our experienced development staff enables us to do a great deal for you, in a relatively short period of time.


How You Benefit

  • Reduce the cost, paper and manpower associated with processing multiple transaction types regardless of your trading partners' back-office systems.

  • "Order to Cash"/"Procure to Pay" process with  the flow of information using Pervasive’s Portal Technology to provide real-time feedback, monitoring and reporting capability for you and your trading partners.

  • Streamline "Order to Cash"/"Procure to Pay" process with automated and intelligent transactions.

  • Enable secure, easy information 24 x 7 via Internet, intranet, Web phone or wireless device.

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