“…convincing debut of writer/director Brad Isaacs.”

“Bravo Brad Isaacs, who knew exactly how to tell this delicious story; Bravo Cayden Boyd and particular Bravo to Annasophia Robb, who continuously carried the suffering in her eyes, but had enough force to emerge victoriously in the end.”

“All the characters learn a valuable lesson from the two children: if you have a plan, you can always hope it will come true.”

“… The surprise, totally unexpected …The film is simply delicious!”

“With the excellent soundtrack … the film manages to make you laugh and move you at the same time…Isaacs draws a film that is exciting, funny, surreal... with expressive Cayden Boyd, who is possibly the new Macaulay Culkin”

"Overall, the film is well made and enjoyable, supported by an excellent soundtrack and well chosen actors..."

”Their sincere puppy love is manifest through their gestures, spontaneous and devoid of adult hypocrisy. It shows what we can really learn from children, whose world retains the absolute genuineness and plans for the best possible life. Their life exists away from the banality of everyday world, which forgets how beautiful it is to be small, dreaming, and hopeful for a fulfilled and meaningful life.”

“The film  by Brad Isaacs is ... a real odyssey between emotions and undertow, storms and flat calm.”

None yet, but hopefully coming soon!



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