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The Eleventh Air Force plans, conducts, controls and coordinates air operations in accordance with the tasks assigned by the commander, Pacific Air Forces, and is the force provider for Alaskan Command, the Alaskan North American Aerospace Defense Command Region (ANR) and other unified commanders. This mission is accomplished largely through the 611th Air Operations Group and 611th Air Support Group. Together, they provide a network of critical air surveillance and command, control and communications functions necessary to perform tactical warning and attack assessment in defense of Alaska. 

The 611th Air Operations Group consists of five squadrons and two numbered flights that develop plans, procedures and directives for the employment of Alaskan combat and support forces assigned to Eleventh Air Force, PACAF, and NORAD. They maintain air sovereignty and conduct air defense operations for the Alaskan NORAD Region (ANR). Additionally, they direct rescue operations and provide tactical support for air and land forces.

The 11th Operational Weather Squadron provides mission tailored, operational, and tactical level meteorological, geological, oceanographic, and space environment products and services for DoD air and land operations in the Alaskan region. They provide headquarters staff support to the Alaskan Command, 11 AF, PACAF, and US Army Alaska, and contingency support to the Alaskan NORAD Region. They make initial skills course graduates into competent forecasters.

The 611th Air Control Squadron has overall responsibility for the Alaskan Air Defense Sector (AADS). The AADS acts as the nerve center and central data collection point for a network of Air Force and Federal Aviation Administration radar sites covering over 1.3 million square miles of airspace throughout Alaska. Additionally, the AADS receives and processes missile attack warning cueing. Its primary mission is to support ANR with around-the-clock surveillance and intercept data for alert and air defense missions.

The 611th Air Operations Squadron provides the core staff of the 11 AF Air Operations Center supporting NORAD and PACAF. They provide sole regional expertise for the command and control system that supports air sovereignty and air defense missions. The squadron develops supporting deliberate plans and is responsible for maintaining operational expertise in space and specific aircraft operations and provides requirements planning for Alaskan air-to-ground weapons ranges and military training airspace. The unit provides liaison with the FAA, validates Operational Support Airlift and manages 23 remote-Alaska airfields.

The 611th Air Intelligence Squadron provides all source intelligence to support Eleventh Air Force combat forces and joint and combined air campaign planning and execution. The squadron produces timely and operationally tailored all-source global threat warning, target development, and combat assessment supporting PACAF and NORAD theater plans and force employment.

The 3rd Air Support Operations Squadron, located at Fort Wainwright, provides close air support and combat weather support for the 172d Infantry Brigade (Separate), the Army’s largest light infantry brigade. Arctic tough, Tactical Air Control Parties (TACPs) and Combat Weather Teams (CWTs), along with their associated tactical vehicles and communications equipment, maintain worldwide mission readiness to support Army and JCS contingency operations. Together, they integrate airpower, critical to the success of the land battle.

The 611th Air Communications Flight provides technical integration of new equipment in the Alaskan Air Defense Sector, integration of Theater Battle Management systems that support Eleventh Air Force and the wings, local area network support for the staff, and system administration of the Atmospheric Early Warning and Theater Battle Management systems in support of the ANR Air Operations Center.

The 611th Alaskan NORAD Flight serves as the focal point for all matters related to the operation, planning, and execution of the Alaskan NORAD Region mission. They are responsible for the development of deliberate plans for employment of 11 AF and augmenting units in support of CINCNORAD. As the lead trainer for ANR, they conduct multi-command exercises for ANR’s peacetime and wartime missions and train ANR battle staff in the execution of NORAD combat operations. The 611 ANF oversees and manages the interoperability and upgrade of command and control and surveillance systems and leads ANR Force Protection.

The 611th Air Support Group consists of two squadrons and two flights and provides surveillance radars, arctic infrastructure including airfields, communications, and worldwide ready EAF warriors for homeland defense, decisive force projection, and aerospace command and control in Alaska.

The 611th Air Support Squadron manages three operations and maintenance (O&M) contracts, valued at $64M annually, at 1 air station, 2 forward operating bases, and 18 remote radar sites. Provides/directs quality assurance for logistics, force protections, services, communications, and facility engineering efforts at 21 remote locations. Supports 11 AF logistics planning and contingency operations. Manages $8M of leased communications systems.

The 611th Civil Engineer Squadron provides civil engineer functions at Eareckson AS, forward operating bases at Galena and King Salmon Airports, 18 operational radar and 21 inactive sites throughout remote Alaska. The squadron assures environmental compliance within 59,000 square miles of military operations air space and provides, as a command resource, specialized capability in aircraft hangar door maintenance and repair; asbestos and lead abatement; depot overhaul and certification of emergency power engine-generator sets and aircraft arresting systems; construction of Super K-Span facilities; and crane and hoists repair and certification.

The Missile Defense Flight or Command Representative for Missile Defense serves as the focal point for all issues related to Ground-based Midcourse Defense in Alaska, in support of Alaska Command, Alaska NORAD Region, and 11 AF.

The 11 AF/Alaska NORAD Region (ANR) Logistics Flight provides a core group of logisticians to support Air Force and NORAD air operations throughout the theater, including manning the ANR Battlestaff and establishing logistics readiness centers when necessary.

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11th Air Force, Office of Public Affairs, 5800 G St., Elmendorf AFB, AK 99506-2150
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