Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone



  • Middeloceann for small orchestra LW 371
  • Ode: celebration for the Malay College for boys' voices and piano TMM 1954 / Cantata for Malay College CC 1954
  • Kalau Tuan Mudek Ka-Ulu: five Malay pantuns for soprano and native instruments TMM 1955
  • Suite for small orchestra of Indians, Chinese and Malays TMM 1956
  • Sinfoni Malaya for orchestra and brass band and shouts of 'Merdeka' ('Independence') from the audience TMM 1957 / Symphony - Sinfoni Melayu CC 1956
  • Pando: march for a P & O orchestra TMM 1958


Works that are not asterisked no longer exist or their location is unknown. Most of these are mentioned by Burgess himself in his writings.

TMM = This Man and Music; CC = Contemporary Composers; LW = Little Wilson and Big God; VB = A Vision of Battlements

Musical scores exist of the works that are asterisked. All of these are located at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin, unless otherwise indicated. Locations are indicated within { } brackets.

{private} = manuscript is in a private collection or owned by an individual

Dates of composition, where given, are the dates signed by Burgess on the manuscript.

Dates in brackets are not signed on the manuscript by Burgess but are otherwise known or estimated.

n.d. = no date

Paul Phillips, May 5th 2004

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