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The Case of the Pretended Will, Part 2

In re S.V. Taylor Sr. Deceased} Will
Know all men by these presents: That I, Sanford Taylor, Sr of Perry County and State of Arkansas, being of sound mind and memory, calling to mind the frailty and uncertainty of human life, and being desirous of settling my wordly affairs and directing how the estate of whom I am possessed shall be disposed of after my death while I have strangth and capacity so to do, do make and publish this my last will and testament, revoking and making null and void all other last wills and testaments by me heretofore made.

I give devise and bequeath to Rachel Hill of Perryville, Perry County, Arkansas wife of Robert Hill, all my estate, both real and personal.  All my property of every kind of which I may be possessed at the time of my death after paying all my just debts and having my body decently buried.
In testimony whereof, I, the said Sanford V. Taylor, Sr have to this my last will and testament subscribed my name this the 18th day of December 1906 and do declare it to be my last will and testament
X Sanford {his mark}Taylor
Attest: JH Bowen
Signed sealed and published and declared by the said Sanford V. Taylor Sr as and for his last will and testament in presence of us, who at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses hereto the day and year last above written.
JH Brazil
FH Douthit
I, JH Bowen, who signed the name of Sanford V. Taylor Sr to the above and foregoing last will and testament signed his name in the presence of JH Brazil and FH Douthit.
JH Bowen
The above and foregoing last will and testament of Sanford V Taylor Sr was filed in open court March 28, 1907.
BD Taylor Clerk
WF Tarvin DC
and duly recorded on this day of March 1907
BD Taylor Clerk
By WF Tarvin DC

Sanford V. Taylor Sr. died in Perryville on December 21, 1906, three days after this will was written.
The plot thickened a bit when I discovered the marriage cert for Robert Hill and Rachel TAYLOR, age 16, on April 22, 1905.  (thank you familysearch for those marvelous Arkansas marriages!)
But alas, when I backtracked Rachel to the 1900 census, she is found living in Perry County, with a Mr. Marche? Howard and his wife Mollie, who were married 2 yrs, with step-dau Rachel Taylor, age 11.  Hmm, thought I was on to something for a second there.

Now, where to look?  I really want to know who this Rachel Taylor belongs to.  I will bet my last lifesaver that she is a cousin, or a niece!

Tomorrow…I will transcribe more from this court case.  Next up is a letter from the  law offices of Harvey Spalding & Sons, attorneys at law, Washington, DC,  to the clerk of Perry County.  Apparently, Sanford V. Taylor Jr has taken something that wasn’t his to take, (Sanford V. Taylor Sr’s veteran’s allowance)

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Sepia Saturday

Another photograph from the Richmond Auction Collection.  I am intrigued by the early wheelchair, I’ve never seen one quite like it before…if that is indeed what it is.  The back of the photo says “41 years old”.   There is not another photo in this collection that resembles this lady, so I don’t know if she was a member of the family or not.  I would like to know the time frame, at least, so  if anyone has any ideas, let me know.  

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The Case of the Pretended Will

I’m still going through all of my 3 ring binders and trying to get paper copies transcribed into my new and improved family file program (RM4).  Here is part of today’s work- This was an interesting court case from my Alby files.  S..V. Taylor Sr. was my third great uncle. S.V. Taylor Jr was his nephew.
From this and other documents, I’ve gathered that Sanford V. Taylor died, leaving everything to this unknown, apparently oh so undeserving,  husband and wife- John and Rachel Hill.

I have no date for this record.  The photocopy  was mailed to me, and I never went back and got the documentation for it.  This has been added to my to-do list for the big gen road trip I am planning for this summer.  All Arkansas, and how cool is that? Don’t even have to leave my home state to get it all done.  Whoo-hoo!!

In the Perry Probate Court
S.V. Taylor, Jr. Nephew of
S.V. Taylor, Sr. Plt
Rachel Hill, supposed beneficiary in a
pretended will of said S.V. Taylor Sr.
Objection to the Probation of a pretended will of S.V. Taylor, Sr.

Comes S.V. Taylor, Jr, by his atty John I. Hill, and states that he is a nephew of S.V. Taylor, Sr., and an heir at law of said S.V. Taylor Sr and files this his objection to the probation of a pretended or suppresed will of said S.V. Taylor, Sr. acting for himself and the other heirs at law of said S.V. Taylor, Sr. and states as his objections as follows to wit:
1st Because the said S.V. Taylor St as testator was not competent to make a will at teh time of the making of said will, because he was not sound in mind and was absolutely un-conscious at the time making said will. (and said will was made because of undue influence upon testator by Rachel and Robert Hill.)
2nd Because the said will is not in the handwriting of the said S.V. Taylor, Sr. as testator
3rd Because it was not subscribed to by him, nor by any one at his request.
4th Because the subscription or signature of the testator was not in the presence of two attesting witnesses nore acknowledged by to each of said witnesses.
5th Because the testator did not declare at the time of making said will that same was his last will and testament.
6th Because there were not two attesting who signed at the end of the will at the request of the testator.
7th Because the will failed to beqeth any part of his estate to all of his legal and lawful heirs.
8th Because the will was not sealed in the presence of the two attesting witnesses after having been executed.
9th Because of a failure to pay the clerk $1.00 for his filing and safe keeping of said will.
10th Because of various other irregularities too numerous here to minutely setout.
Wherefore plft. prays that said will be not confirmed but rejected and not admitted of record but dismissed and rejected and that a certificate of its rejection be ordered and for all other proper relief.
John L. Hill
Atty for Pltf S.V. Taylor, Jr.

I will transcribe the will tomorrow.  I want to know who Rachel Hill really was and also, was this really a “pretended” will?   This is one of those “it’s not my direct line, so I will look at it later files”. Shame on me, again for just sticking it in the binder and forgetting about it.

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Follow Friday- Apple’s Tree

Apple (not her real name) has been around the blogging scene long enough to have racked up a serious amount of posts.   She is/was a school bus driver, genealogist, family devotee, and grandmother to 6.  She has been named one of Family Tree magazine’s 40 best genealogy blogs and rightly so.
I  haven’t read all of her posts, but each one is filled with her unique sense of humor and I can tell she is a kindred keeper of the family.

The names of her blogs are: Apple’s Tree The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

Some of my favorite posts are:
A Pink Ball Gown
Lord Love a Duck- 6 (this is sooo my mother)
Several of her COG posts and in particular: Laugh til it hurts

and Sarah Ann Camfield-The Final Years

If you haven’t read Apple’s Blog, please visit today and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I have.

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Postcard Friendship Friday- ‘She wants Aman’

This is a 1920ish postcard, and I am soooo bummed that I can’t see the back of it! I don’t have the original, just a jpg of the front from a photo album.

From the Holman/Dellinger Collection

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Wordless Wednesday~Let them eat cake!

Sutton-Crabtree gang 1956

My dad, grandmother, great aunt and uncle and three cousins-

Ben Lomond Arkansas

Brown Cemetery

Located on private property, but really sweet people own the land and will walk you over to the little cemetery. This is one of my favorites.  It’s so peaceful and quiet.

James Cook Wright – Country Doctor

Also buried here: Eliza Wright, Christopher Moore & Marion Brown

Brown Cemetery is located near Cerro Gordo, Arkansas

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Thank you Evelyn!

Evelyn Theriault has honored me  with the Ancestor Approved Award.  Thank you so very much Evelyn!  And thank you to Leslie Ann for initiating this award!
My instructions are to list ten things I have learned about any of  my ancestors that has surprised, humbled, or enlightened me and to  pass the award along to ten other bloggers whom I  feel are doing their ancestors proud.
Passing the award along is an easy task:

  1. last2cu
  2. Kindred Footprints
  3. Family Twigs
  4. Grace and Glory
  5. a3Genealogy
  6. GenBlog
  7. Gen Wish List
  8. Roots ‘n’ Leaves
  9. Little Bytes of Life
  10. Lessons From My Ancestors

Choosing just ten ancestors who have surprised, humbled or enlightened me is a little tougher!

  1. Surprised that Elmyra Denton Sumner married a Yankee stranger who apparently had another family in Wisconsin waiting on him to come home.
  2. Surprised that Angeline Albey left her husband and gave her daughter a different last name with no proof of ever marrying the “alleged” father.
  3. Surprised that Matthew Mark Moss I was killed by Indians or Indian sympathizers in 1782
  4. Surprised that Edmund Craddock raised and raced fine horses.
  5. Humbled that  John Archer Elmore was a Rev War General and Elmore County Alabama was named after him.
  6. Enlightened that John Hardiman was involved in the Monmouth Rebellion and was convicted of treason.
  7. Surprised & enlightened that Nance Ann Phillips sued her brothers in early 1820’s to get money due her from the estate for the care of her mother.  She died before the case was settled.
  8. Enlightened that Mace Humphrey Gilbert applied for a Confederate Amnesty and Pardon.
  9. Surprised and humbled that Simon Peter Sumner lived such a short life, and died a pauper.
  10. Surprised that Peter Alby did not have a mother or father; that he did indeed fall off the pumpkin truck and landed in Pulaski County Arkansas in 1820’s and that some librarian in Vermont thought maybe he was an illegitimate child of an Alby female.
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Sepia Saturday- Nichols Children

Walter A. & Ester Adaline Nichols (Grannie)

Hot Spring County,  Arkansas

about 1918-1920

1920 Hot Spring County
Malvern -Fenter Township
Mill Road
Gordon Nichols   45  AR AL TN
Adaline  47  AR TN TN
Stella  dau  21  AR AR AR
James  14  AR AR AR
Sada  11  dau  AR AR AR
Walter  8  son  AR AR AR
Ester  dau  4 and 4/12  AR AR AR
Frances  mother  79  widowed  AL AL AL

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Postcard Friendship Friday

Don’t feel like writing a line or two?  Just check off what you want to say!

Happy Easter

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