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German businessmen founded Egg Harbor City in 1855. They first visited Egg Harbor City while traveling on the Railroad from Philadelphia to Atlantic City. The original plans included two main parts of town, one near the Mullica river and one near the train station. Due to various economic and ecological reasons, the City developed along US Route 30 and the Railroad.

Form of Government

The City of Egg Harbor City is currently a Faulkner Act form of Government and follows the Small Municipality Plan (N.J.S.A. 40:69A-115-132). The elected officials that head the government are comprised of a mayor and nine council members.
The election cycle--- Each year three council members are elected and a mayor is elected every fourth year. Annual elections are slated for the first Tuesday that follows the first Monday in November.

Duties of the Governing Body and City Administrator

The mayor is the statutory head of the Police department and the Chief Executive Officer of the City. City Council makes local laws, sets an agenda pertaining to the direction that the governments programs and approves budgets for various programs.

There are council subcommittees that oversee Finance, Safety, Property, Highway, Parks & Playgrounds, Utility, License, Redevelopment & Planning, and Insurance.

The City Administrator takes the elected officials programs and sets policy and procedures in order to carry out the day-to-day operations of the municipality. The City Administrator also deals with Federal, State, County and neighbor Municipal officials to implement the community's needs. The administrator responds to protect the interests of the citizens of Egg Harbor City.

To reach Tom Henshaw our City Administrator call 609-965-5264

City Administrator Tom Henshaw   City Clerk Meg Steeb
Chief of Police John McColgan   CFO Jodi Kahn
Tax Assessor William Johnson   Deputy City Clerk Jackie Young
Engineer Edward Walberg   Tax Collector Beverly Totten
Emergencey Management Ted Reinhard Sr.   Utlility Clerk Bridget Hayes
City Attorney James Carroll   Building Dept Clerk Donna Heffley
Judge William Cappucio   Code Enforcement Alex Nardone
Prosecutor Elaine Frick   Court Administrator Crystal Czerwinski
Public Defender Ernest Aponte   Utlility Superintendant Jerry Gleason
Planner Tim Michel   Hwy Superintendant Ramon Meijas
Auditor Robert Swartz   Fire Marshall Alex Nardone
Foreclosure Solicitor(s) Joe Ginhardt   Fire Chief Russ Fenton
Redevelopment Attorney Fred Scerni   Ambulance Chief Barbara Adams
Insurance Representative John D'Agostino   Chief Communications Gary Jerue
Health Insurance Siracusa (Terry Flynn)   Harbor Master Lloyd Wimberg