Our U.S. DOT Docket No is FF2241. When hiring a forwarder, be sure to check their credentials with the   U.S. Dept. of Transportation.

You may buy coverage from any agent you wish, but we do not handle uninsured orders. We sell and recommend   TGI insurance.

We contract only trained furniture handlers, professional packers, qualified customs brokers and licensed insurance agents.

US-Mexico Specialists
We ship only used household goods and personal effects with valid import permits that are issued with an appropriate Mexican or US Visa. We only ship to and from points between the United States and Mexico. We are specialists. We do just one thing and we do it well.
Variety of Service Packages
We shop around for the best available rates to custom design a move that suits your needs and your budget. We weigh the pros and cons of each method of shipment and explain to you the difference between the 'cheapest' method and the 'best'.
Customs and Translation Services
We provide both US and Mexican customs clearance services. We provide the consular letters and the forms you will need to import your goods. We prepare, translate and format your Menaje de Casa (import inventory) for stamping at your local consulate office.
Executive Transfers & Budget Moves
We offer door-to-door turn-key 'executive transfers' and do-it-yourself 'budget moves'. On interline orders, you can pack it yourself and even self haul to or from our border facility to save hauling costs. We offer up to 14 days of storage for no extra charge.

Mexico Forwarding, Inc.
2404 Wilson Rd., Harlingen, TX. 78552
956-440-0634 - 956-423-4328 Fax
800-684-3894 Toll Free
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