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Panasonic rechargeable Lithium ion batteries feature high energy density, high capacity, light weight and high power in both cylindrical and prismatic styles. They are designed to provide 3.6V per cell, which means fewer cells per battery are required to power applications vs. NiCD or NiMH chemistries.

Notice to readers:
In order to ensure the use of properly designed safety circuits with Lithium ion battery packs, Panasonic Lithium ion cells are not sold as "off the shelf" products and are not available as a standard product from distributors. Lithium ion cells, however can be assembled into packs by authorized pack assembly centers that have been approved for safety circuit assembly and Lithium ion pack design.
If you would like more information on how Panasonic pack assembly partners can assist you with your Lithium ion power solution needs, please e-mail us with a brief description of your requirements and your company contact information.
Click here for a list of authorized Lithium ion assemblers.

  • Audio visual equipment
  • Cellular phones
  • Office automation
  • Notebook PC's
  • PDA's and handy terminals
  • High energy density
  • High capacity
  • Light weight
  • High power (wide temp.range)
  • Over 500 cycles
  • Cylindrical and prismatic styles

Cylindrical TypeHigh Rate Cylindrical TypePrismatic TypeTechnical Data