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  • T&MW announces 2010 award winners

    By Test Measurement World Staff -- Test & Measurement World, 4/1/2010 12:00:00 AM


    T&MW's Best in Test Awards

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    April 2010 issue

    The staff of Test & Measurement World is pleased to announce the winners of our annual Best in Test and Test of Time awards, which honor important and innovative products and services in the electronics test, measurement, and inspection industry.

    In our December/January issue, we announced the finalists for the 2010 Best in Test and Test of Time awards and asked our readers to vote for their favorites. The 2010 Best in Test winner in each of the 17 product categories is listed below. Of these, the overall top vote getter will be named the 2010 Test Product of the Year; the announcement will be made on www.tmworld.com on April 7.

    For the annual Test of Time award, which honors a product that continues to provide state-of-the-art service five or more years after its introduction, we named seven finalists in our December/January issue. Our readers voted Agilent Technologies’ 89600 Vector Signal Analysis Software as the recipient of the 2010 award.

    For more information about the Test & Measurement World awards program and to read about all of the finalists and winners, see www.tmworld.com/awards.

    Test Product of the Year to be announced on April 7

    The Best in Test winner that received the most overall votes will be named the Test Product of the Year for 2010. We will announce the winner on www.tmworld.com on April 7. You can also read about the winning product in our May 2010 issue.


    2010 Best in Test Award Winners

    Audio/video and multimedia
    MMTS Moving Video Test System
    VI Technology

    Bit-error-rate testers

    Agilent Technologies

    Board and system test

    URT 5.0 Universal Receiver Tester

    Communications network test

    T-BERD/MTS-4000 Multiple Services Test Platform

    Computer bus analyzers
    PCIe Jammer Error-Injection Tool
    Agilent Technologies

    Data acquisition
    NI X Series Devices for PCI Express and PXI Express
    National Instruments

    DFT, boundary scan, and emulation
    JULIET Desktop JTAG Tester
    GOEPEL Electronic

    EMC and safety test
    NSG 3040 EMC Multifunction Generator

    Fiber optics
    N4391A Optical Modulation Analyzer
    Agilent Technologies

    General-purpose instruments (non-oscilloscopes)
    EX1200 Series Switch/Measure System
    VTI Instruments

    Machine vision and inspection
    BOA Vision System


    RF/microwave instruments (general purpose)
    N9030A PXA Signal Analyzer
    Agilent Technologies

    Semiconductor test
    ETS-88 Multisite Test System

    Test components and subsystems
    EX72SF Microwave Switching Subsystem
    VTI Instruments

    Test-development and analysis software
    Proligent Analytics

    Wireless test (standard specific)
    ACE MX MIMO Channel Emulator
    Azimuth Systems

    T&MW2010 Test of Time Award Winner

    89600 Vector Signal Analysis Software

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent says that its 89600 VSA software plays a key role in the communications and wireless networking revolutions by providing analysis tools for the PHY layer that are crucial to the development of base stations, access points, and mobile units. Since its introduction in 2000, the software has had 29 updates, including support for cdma2000, W-CDMA, WiMAX, and LTE.

    Agilent 1813According to Agilent, the software is the first PC-based signal-analysis software, the first software to make measurements with more than one signal-analyzer platform, the first software to perform wideband vector signal analysis up to 36 MHz, and the first software to analyze over 70 signal formats. VSA analyzes signals acquired by signal, spectrum, and logic analyzers and oscilloscopes, and it can measure signals anywhere in the radio block diagram. The software analyzes narrowband AM as easily as ultrawideband multiband-OFDM and also analyzes modulated signals ranging from tens of megahertz to hundreds of terahertz.


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