Krayt's Honor

  • Appeared in:
  • Size:
    41.8 meters
  • Weapon:
    Eight laser turrets, two quad turrets, three turbolaser cannons and two proton torpedo launchers
  • Type:
    Gozanti cruiser light freighter
  • Manufacturer:
    Gallofree Yards

From the Expanded Universe

The Krayt's Honor has the distinction of being one of the better known Gozanti cruisers in service due to its unusual alliances and enemies. Eight powerful laser turrets protected the sides of the ship, while quad cannon turrets covered the ventral and dorsal hulls. The bow of the cruiser concealed a trio of turbolaser cannons and a pair of proton torpedo launchers.

The Honor often protected independent merchants from privateers and raiders surreptitiously sponsored by the Trade Federation. While such activity was greatly appreciated by these merchants and their customers, the Federation viewed both the ship and crew as an annoyance that needed to be eliminated. This certainly would have been the outcome of the Honor if they had not saved a pleasure yacht from an attack. The yacht's owner , Jabba the Hutt, was most pleased by the rescue, and offered a safe haven for the Honor on Tatooine. Thus, the ship and crew made its home in one of the few ports the Trade Federation wanted no part of.

With an unusual crew (which included several Ithorians, humans, and a Feeorin couple), the Honor enjoyed a certain air of intrigue. While the captain of the vessel publicly appeared to be a human female named Layn Wynest, in actuality the captain was a quiet, regal Kel Dorin named Siqo Vass. The motives behind the deception were never made clear, however the creeping pro-human sentiment among the Core Worlds could have been a factor. Wynest and Vass, however, were an effective duo that forged an unusual crew into the scourge of the Trade Federation well into the Clone Wars. The current whereabouts of the Honor since the rise of the Empire are unknown.

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