High School Shootings: Our Society Fails Bright Kids

Pekka-Eric Auvinen Yesterday, on November the 7th, 18-year-old Pekka-Eric Auvinen walked into the high school of Jokela in Finland and fired several shots at students, teachers and principals alike. This resulted in eight deaths and ten wounded victims. Pekka-Eric himself later died on the hospital by committing suicide.

While most of the media has spent its time either condemning the crime that this young man set out to do, or similarly, asking themselves why this ever happened, the Editor and leader of the anti-modernist organization CORRUPT, Alex Birch, announced today the new campaign in support of the young Finnish shooter. He comments on the recent events:

- This was not a random action that took place; it's a sign, a call for help from the intelligent young people in our Western society that have had enough. Pekka-Eric was clearly well read and knew what he was doing. Citing ideas straight from Plato's "The Republic" about the failures of democracy and Nietzsche's discussion about slave morality and oppression of the masses, this was a deliberate attack against the feared reality of our time: death

Mr. Birch continued to comment on why this incident is important and what we can learn from it:

- We at CORRUPT don't glorify what Pekka-Eric did, nor do we wish to condemn his actions. Instead, contrary to what most people seem to think, we have something meaningful to learn from this. Our modern system has failed. Smiling politicians on TV, junk food, sex liberation, equality, multiculturalism, free market economy; these things have not in any way improved our lifestyles. Rather, they are the cause for a decaying Western civilization and Pekka-Eric happened to be one of the few bright people of this age that realized this decay from within.

Pekka-Eric Auvinen

In this sense he was a philosopher at young age and it's sad to hear that he later committed suicide. What we have to do is to spread the ideas of Pekka-Eric and understand them in the context of our society today. When we let dumb people breed without restraints, when we pollute our land until we cannot live there anymore, when we fake freedom so that a few rich business men in power can exploit the common man -- when we read about teenagers who revolt against the false idols of our time by shooting innocent people, we know for sure that our civilization is going down hill. This will continue until we make a change.

CORRUPT has recently started a Facebook group dedicated to Pekka-Eric and his ideas, called Jokela Highschool Shooting Sympathizers. The launch of the group has stirred public debate until breaking point, effectively demonstrating that we still are unable to see clearly on this topic.

Many people have voiced their anger and fear over the Jokela High School Shootings but surprisingly there have also been a large number of supporters that are willing to analyze the situation without condemning the perpetrator, whose actions were products of the same society that promotes "peace" and "freedom."

The Facebook group has currently got 44 members and the number is steadily growing. Success has also been reached on the social bookmarking site Digg.com, where currently 37 people have voted for an article called Society Blames Others For Its Illness that earlier today appeared on the controversial website American Nihilist Underground Society. The site has previously been involved in the National Day of Slayer, that led to vandalizing of St. Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers, New York.


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